6 thoughts on “I fought the lawn…

  1. Don’t give me any ideas.
    I fought the dirt…
    And the dirt one.
    A picture of me passed out with my tractor.
    In a pile of dirt with my dog bringing me back a dead gopher.
    Mike Ness from social distortion did a good remake of
    I fought the law..n.
    On his solo album.
    I think it’s called.
    “Under The Influences”.
    WARNING! !!
    “Parental Excretion Advised”

  2. Unfortunately, the lawn IS winning so far this season. I just mowed the lawn for the first time this year on Saturday and it needs it again – BAD. I am going to be cutting the grass at least twice a week for the foreseeable future!

  3. Grass is way over rated, imo. Unless an animal is consuming it and of course it’s a good erosion barrier, hard for me to see much use for it as it demands constant mowing unless you don’t mind critters living in it.

    I say, rip it out, and plant edibles. Still will require work, but at least you’ll have a benefit in the end.

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