4 thoughts on “I Have a Dream

  1. I think she looks great in man pant suit orange.
    I wonder if she got the matching designer orange rubber sandals too.
    Well it looks liie shes in costume for the next starring role in the
    Halloween prison cafeteria Charlie Brown play of……
    Drum roll pleazzzz… Bada….Ching….
    “The Great Prison Pumpkin”.

  2. While I believe prison is where she belongs, HillBillary have a ‘black book’ the size of the Encyclopedia Brittanica on everybody. ‘Bonny and Clyde’ Clinton are feeling pretty invincible right now because they’ve threatened everyone with MAD [Mutually Assured Destruction]. God will have the final say because their health is dwindling as anyone can see. Since God’s timing is ‘perfect’, we need to pray continually.

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