3 thoughts on ““I thought you should know”

  1. Having a very, very hard time loading this to my Facebook acc’t. Imagine that.
    I hope that lawyer dies a very slow, and very painful death. I bet even her husband wouldn’t F&$C her! Oh wait he doesn’t. LMFAO.
    Only hope I can be there at her side when she dies. So when she pleads for someone to turn up her morphin drip, I can rip the iv out of her vein and whisper in her ear that her lord Satan wants her to suffer a little bit longer.

  2. I had not heard of this. Hillary is no doubt incarnate evil.
    Who would believe that a little girl would want an old to be with her, let alone violently rape her?
    Why did this judge allow the evil lawyer (Hillary) to exclude evidence of rape and her virginity? Sounds to em like the judge is dirty also.
    It appears to me that at least three people here need to be in prison. Wait. An adult male raping and beating and 12 year old girl into a coma sounds like attempted murder. Maybe the gallows instead of jail -for him and his legal accomplishes (after a proper trial of course).

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