I Went Outside To Look Around Today Too !!!

With all this Social Distance Distortion going on…

This is what I saw…….today.

Hey where is everyone …?

Everything looks normal to me.

Had to get a cell signal….

To make a couple calls.

13 thoughts on “I Went Outside To Look Around Today Too !!!

  1. 6.5 people…. Stanley Idaho ?????
    Yellowstone has been bubbling today too.
    Scroll down to the Super Volcano section on the site.
    Look at the gap gaps between the last activities on them and current.
    Please GOD.
    GOD…. I’ll never ever be an Agent of KOS and a Tramp of Panic again.
    OK where’s my damn Tin Foil Hat….
    I’m still looking for that thing.

    1. Is it Idaho? That’s not a small shaker for sure. Solar minimums are known to bring on quakes, volcanoes, food shortages, etc..

  2. Man, that is some ugly, really ugly forground unlike the pretty snow capped mountains.
    I have a relative in Nevada and have looked around on some real estate sites just to see what’s available and I literally get the feeling that it’s dead there with no life, just dirt. Now some places that have done some landscaping look decent, but overall, I could not live in NV.
    You’ll never be busted for not social distancing that’s for sure.

    1. How dare you….
      Settle down…..
      It kind of looks like Texas.
      Ever see a High desert bloom in spring…
      Guess not.

      1. Not the part of Texas I’m in & no I haven’t seen a high desert in bloom. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

        1. Don’t trigger me lady….
          My heads gonna pop if you keep it up.
          Keep going…..
          By the time I go off….
          I’ll be buried in the spam bin bottom with old Jolly.

  3. At the Budda Temple they always….had a Sunday Brunch.
    Pretty good clean food that people would pay a low price.
    Well while they were trying to eat…… the brunch…
    A Buddist monk would walk around greeting the people while they were eating.
    He walked up to one hungry young fellow….
    While he was eating….
    The monk walked up to him….
    Holding a figure made out of wood.
    Explaining…. how the the wood and figure holding in his hand…
    Would enlighten him…. trying to convert him.
    After a few minutes…listening.
    The young man with a mouth full of food …..
    Who was there to only eat a good meal …clean inexpensive food and to be left alone.
    He looked up at after swalling a mouth full of food at the monk…wearing the dress.
    What came out of his mouth was this.
    Well …. Dahli….
    My God…. yes My God….
    Made your God….
    And the fking wood that you used to make those idols in your hand.

    No punchline here..
    Just a stupid look.

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