I Withdraw My Consent

Constitution Club – by Elle Dee

To all those who wave the Republican or Democrat flag, I withdraw my consent because I’ve come to the realization that democrats and republicans are a false-choice paradigm – a two–party dictatorship.
– Both support deficit spending – despite all the bluster
– Both support welfare – whether corporate, individual, or agricultural
– Both support picking winners and losers through grants, contracts, tax-breaks, etc.
– Both have attacked our civil rights in treasonous ways
– Both support the Patriot Act with secret, warrantless wiretapping, and trampling of 1st, 4th and 5th amendments
– Both supported banker bailouts
– Both support agenda 21
– Both support the patriot act
– Both support secret arrests
– Both support controlling the internet through SOPA and PIPA
– Both support the NDAA president’s power to arrest, detain indefinitely without charges, and assassinate american citizens – without any due process
– Both parties’ chief campaign donors and lobbyists are identical
– Both parties are in the pocket of Goldman Sachs
– Both parties support inflationary monetary policy
– Both parties are against auditing the Federal Reserve
– Both parties believe in baseline budgeting, and refuse to discuss any true cuts in government spending.
– Both parties believe that, since they are not going to cut spending, the only way out of this, is to tax our way out, spend our way out, borrow our way out, or inflate our way out
– Both parties have enacted policies that gut the middle class
– Both parties were pro NAFTA
– Both parties are pro-TSA
– Both parties were pro-North American Union. Google it
– Both parties support the war on drugs
– Both parties have been for varying sorts of gun control – indeed Romney has been virtually indistinguishable from Obama in this regard
– Both parties have engaged in false-flag acts to foment war
– Both parties believe in the haegelian dialectic, of causing the crisis, then providing the solution
– Both parties refuse to acknowledge that inflation is a tax
– Both parties support keeping our troops in over 130 countries worldwide
– Both parties believe in endless, undeclared, unfunded wars
– Both parties believe in borrowing money from China to provide foreign aid to Israel
– Both parties are beholden more to Israel’s policy interests, than our own interests.
– Both parties support a foreign policy of pre-emptive aggression – against countries that have never attacked us
– Both parties refuse to acknowledge the role of fractional reserve banking, and the repeal of Glass Stegall, have in creating the irreversible crisis we’re in.
– Both parties have been caught red-handed suppressing and subverting the democratic process here at home, through manipulation/corruption of the electronic balloting system, disappearing of absentee ballots, blocking the suffrage of our servicemen, and shutting out independent or third-party candidates.
– Both parties are controlled by the same criminal offshore banking cartel that runs the federal reserve. This is the same cartel that funded both sides of the Korean war, the Vietnam war, World War 2, World War 1, the War of 1812, and war between Napoleon and England. The Rothschilds even funded the Bolshevik revolution and Lenin’s rise. Look it up. Google: Rothschild fund wars

So, while you argue amongst yourselves about distracting topics, such as gay marriage, soaking or helping the rich, anthropogenic global warming (and we’ve been in a cooling trend for the last twelve years), workers’ rights, green energy policy, I want you to shut the hell up, and understand ONE THING. Your country is collapsing; and not because of two men sleeping together and not because of exhaust coming out of a tailpipe and not because of lack of photo-voltaic cells, not because we’re over or under-taxing the rich and not because a lack of a higher minimum wage.

Your country is collapsing because of the treasonous destruction of our dollar, at the blessing of both major parties and the quicker you realize that both parties are distracting you with non-issues, while they rape us economically from behind, the sooner we’ll have the chance to turn this ship around.

Hugs from Chile.


7 thoughts on “I Withdraw My Consent

  1. Yeap, it is called the parallel track in political warfare. Democrats and Republicans are the man and the man controls both parties and laughs their asses off … at us.

  2. They’ll be another scandal with another celebrity before this day ends. It’s like their in a submarine deploying “counter measures” to deflect the onslaught of negative publicity. 🙂

    1. Joe, it was slipped into the middle of the article:
      “- Both parties have been for varying sorts of gun control – indeed Romney has been virtually indistinguishable from Obama in this regard”
      Although, I’d agree the subject certainly wasn’t hammered –

  3. “Hugs from…” another country????

    ‘This place sucks and im going to get mad…while im in chile’
    Hey author. kiss my d… and suck my a..!

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