Iconic tunnel tree topples in California storm.

We had a Hella-Wind Storm the other morning but it was only high up in the trees at 100′ or more …

I’ve seen and been through this Redwood twice and it was ‘extremely’ impressive !!!

ABC 7 News

Calaveras Big Trees State Park volunteer Jim Allday says the tree went down Sunday and shattered on impact. He says the once-majestic sequoia is now a heap of rubble.  

A tunnel was carved into the tree’s trunk in the 1880s to let tourists pass through. It had allowed cars, but more recently was only crossed on foot.

Generations of locals and tourists have visited the tree for centuries, posing for photos and carving their names into it.

San Francisco Bay area resident Joyce Brown has been visiting the tree since she was 12 and says it feels like she’s lost a family member.


3 thoughts on “Iconic tunnel tree topples in California storm.

  1. Chop out half of your house’s foundation and see if it stands half as long. Now it’s just material for outdoor furniture.

    “A tunnel was carved into the tree’s trunk in the 1880s..”
    “…have visited the tree for centuries..”
    No, ABC news, that would be one century. Singular.

  2. Used to go up to the Sequoia National Forest as a child and drove through some tree, not sure of the name right now, maybe General Sherman? Anyway, those trees are truly awesome. Sorry this one came down.

  3. Was the tree still alive?
    I would think cutting half the trunk out would kill it.
    Pictures can be misleading.
    All the pictures were of the trunk of the tree.
    The limited view of the trunk shows to me that the tree has been dead a long time.

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