Idaho is fining Farmers $300 PER ACRE for using water

By Wall Street Apes

Farmers are already declaring bankruptcy

Here are 2 farmers from eastern Idaho who have just received their water shutoff orders

“We just got our curtailment letter from the Idaho Department of Water Resources and they’re telling us we have to shut our eight wells off.”

“Shut our water off?”

— “They want us to shut our water off. — They want us to turn our wells off.”

“The reservoirs are full, yet we’re being told we cannot water 500,000 acres of crops”

“Thing. If you decide that you’re just gonna keep watering, they’re going to fine you $300 per acre. Well, if you’re just growing a crop like hay, it doesn’t make $300 an acre. You’re just gonna lose money on that.”

“you look on the curtailment paper it’s not just farmers it’s commercial businesses.”

They give lots of details about the water shutoff order (see video)

They talk about more locations being effected and what the result of that will be:

— “They want to shut off just in Bingham County. So Bingham County grows more potatoes than any other county in the state and just in Bingham County there’s $1.3 ish billion dollars spent in the county. And if that water was curtailed, it would reduce the amount of money spent in the county by three to $400 million.

So you wouldn’t just be putting out, you wouldn’t just be putting farmers out of business, you’d be putting people who deliver gas out of business, people who sell groceries, you’d be putting all the equipment people out of business, the repair, the repair men, the service men.

We just had people coming out, working on our pivots and stuff. You’d be putting all those guys out of business, which would hurt everyone”

“Trucking companies would go out of business. Yep. You have a lot of guys who have storages for potatoes. All those guys, they would no longer be getting rent for their potatoes. It would just devastate the entire Idaho economy.”

“There’s already guys, there’s already local farmers who’ve shut their wells off and their fields have already dried up because of this curtailment order and they’re going to be out millions of dollars they’re going to end up declaring bankruptcy and if the farmers declare bankruptcy the banks that finance the farmers are going to declare bankruptcy and then the whole economy is just shot. It’s literally going to destroy the Idaho economy.”

“We gotta get this thing spreading like wildfire to make sure everybody knows about this. Because like it or not, it’s gonna affect everybody.”

One thought on “Idaho is fining Farmers $300 PER ACRE for using water

  1. Idaho!! I know your mountains and your wild rivers, reflecting the soul of a free people. But could there be any more blatant example of Communism than this right here?!! Water is essential to life. None can own it or steal it.

    Just a little tid-bit I found on the Governor of Idaho:

    Gov. Little honors 125 years of Idaho’s Jewish community:


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