Idaho Prosecutor Issues Warrant for 9-Year-Old Accused of Stealing Pack of Gum

A 9-year-old boy was arrested in Post Falls this week.KHQ 6 News

POST FALLS, Idaho – Post Falls Chief of Police Scott Haug says he was very surprised when an arrest warrant landed on his desk earlier this week. The warrant was for a “failure to appear,” not uncommon. But the perpetrator was a nine year old boy.

Kootenai County Prosecuting Attorney Barry McHugh, who issued the arrest warrant, was not able to comment because the case involves someone younger than 18 years old. However, Haug says the warrant was issued because it was the second time the 9 year old missed his day in court.  

What was the original charge? Stealing a pack of gum.

Haug says this is the first time in his 30 years in law enforcement that he’s ever seen an arrest warrant issued for someone as young as nine.

“I was surprised that it had gotten to this level,” says Haug.

Haug also says it isn’t uncommon for the owner of a business to press charges against those who steal, even if it’s for something as small as a pack of gum. When KHQ asked Haug why the 9 year old failed to appear, he says it was because the family had no way to get him to the courthouse.

“Had we known that before the court date we would have provided something for the family,” says Haug. “I wish we would have had more information that way we could have provided some sort of assistance.”

The child is currently in the Juvenile Detention Center where he will soon stand before a judge. Prosecutors told KHQ they can’t say when that’s expected to happen.

9 thoughts on “Idaho Prosecutor Issues Warrant for 9-Year-Old Accused of Stealing Pack of Gum

  1. “The child is currently in the Juvenile Detention Center where he will soon stand before a judge.”

    The child is currently in a Juvenile Detention center where he will soon be sodomized, because the prosecutor wants him broken in before the party in the judge’s chambers.

    Can someone please tell me why else a 9 year-old would be arrested for stealing a pack of gum? Do you really think the store owner would be pressing charges, and willing to appear in court over this? I’m guessing that he must be a very cute boy to warrant so much attention for doing something that kids his age do all the time. He’s been selected for grooming because someone has a crush on him.

    1. If you doubt this for a minute, look into multitude of child-rapes committed by the guards that occurred in Texas Juvenile detention when former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was prosecutor there, and the judge dismissed them all by saying the kids “consented” to it. (regardless of the fact that they were all below the age of consent)

    2. if you google last name surnames on articles such as these, you will begin to see a common pattern emerging of those in positions of power and why they’re there.

      1. I’m a “Newby” to this kind of stuff. What do you mean? I did google Haug and Scott Haug but it didn’t make sense to me. Please enlighten me.

  2. Way to breed cheap slave labor for the corporations! Grab em young over a pack of gum. USA! USA!

    This is sick beyond sick. 🙁

  3. Are you F’ing kidding me???? A Pack of Gum??? Wow! Talk about starting them early – this kid will have the fear of God in him of “authority” now. Is this the new indoctrination? I am dumbfounded!

  4. But thousands of illegal immigrants can come across our border and stay here. Glad to know where their priorities lay.

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