IDPA Cancels Colorado Competition

The Captain’s Journal – by Herschel Smith

Michael Bane has canceled his show in Colorado due to the new Colorado gun law Hickenlooper signed (h/t Bob Owens), Magpul is leaving (although I still want to see plans and a schedule), and now, IDPA has canceled their planned competition in Colorado.

Organizers of a Colorado shooting competition have cancelled the event because of the state’s recently passed gun-control laws.  

The International Defensive Pistol Association was scheduled to hold its Rocky Mountain regional championship July 4-6 in Montrose. Organizers said an estimated 300 shooters were expected to attend the event.

The cancellation stemmed from a combination of concern about legal liabilities under the new laws, and political opposition, said IDPA spokesman Paul Erhardt.

“The attitude toward Colorado is not very pleasant among firearm owners,” he said.

Gunmaker Ruger cancelled another event, the Ruger Rimfire Challenge World Championship, which was to be held in Byers July 19-21.

The Colorado legislature recently passed three gun-control measures. The laws restrict magazines to no more than 15 rounds, require universal background checks on sales and charge gun buyers for the checks.

Several hunting groups and individuals have said they will boycott hunting in Colorado this fall.Some Colorado-based manufacturers of magazines and their parts said they will relocate operations because of the gun laws.

Good.  As I’ve said, there is no better teacher than consequences.  Wisdom demands experience, and Colorado is getting some experience in the power of gun owners as we speak.

I hope they learn the lesson hard.

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