In Praise of Tokyo Electric Power Company TEPCO

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[Editor’s Note. ZS Livingstone was likely the first reporter on the Internet to promptly alert the public on March 12, 2011 and again on March 14, 2011, of the heinous crimes of sabotage, destruction, and murder inflicted on the people of Japan on March 11, 2011 by the US government, with Israeli/Illuminati cabal collusion. There was no natural 9.0 earthquake and there was no “tsunami” that caused the massive destruction and loss of life in northern Japan on 3/11. There was only high tech sabotage and a media propaganda blitz carried out by the psychopathic, satanic criminals who control the US government and its military. Someday, the true story of the 3/11 attack on Japan will be told in full. In the meantime, we continue to cherish the remarkable insights offered by ZSl to enlighten and educate…Ken Adachi]  

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
October 3, 2013

In Praise of Tokyo Electric Power Company TEPCO by ZS Livingstone (Oct. 3, 2013)

In two and one half years, Tokyo Electric Power Company has done the impressive work of disassembling eighty percent of the four bombed nuclear reactors at the Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in Fukushima prefecture. Three reactors are totally shutdown with all fuel rods removed and reactor building number four, the building with the largest bomb damage, did not go into meltdown. Piece by piece, the core is being chopped and hauled away for safe disposal.

The Japanese are most likely using remote manipulators and robots to pull the core apart under an air tight seal. There have been very few factual reports of the marvellous work they have been doing as thewestern media has misrepresented every aspect of the attack on Japan since March 11 2011.

The Tokyo Electric Power Company has been blamed for the ‘failure’ by not safeguarding the reactors for earthquakes and tsunamis. The structures were not damaged by the earthquakes, and the planted ocean sea floor Hydrogen Bombs did not send a large enough surge of water to inundate the complex. There was no M9.0 earthquake. The bombs which exploded within the buildings were not placed there by Tokyo Electric Power Company. In no way can they be blamed.

The conspiracy arrayed against Japan and nuclear power is centred on nations and corporations pushing natural gas turbine electric power plants. These are the same people who have prevented the development of Free Energy in its many forms. They want to control energy production and control all nations through their control of all levers of power. The greedy do not want to release their hold of patents allowing families to generate all the power they need within their own homes. All the power grids would be taken down and people would be free of the centrally controlled money machine. Energy Independence!

It would be best to end the use of nuclear reactors and the threat of A-Bombs and H-Bombs. It would be best to make the changeover to alternative energy voluntary and not coerce people into another regime of power generation.

I am praising the Tokyo Electric Power Company as they are showing the way in how to dismantle large reactors quickly and efficiently. It is challenging to disassemble a demolished reactor core without going into meltdown, but they are doing so.

There has been NO MELTDOWN at any of the four reactors.

Somehow in the midst of the attack, the Tokyo Electric Power Company decided to “scram” at least two of their operating reactors. It is likely there were no fuel rods in two of reactors prior to the attack. To scram any reactor is a costly undertaking of pumping tons of light molten metals into the core to absorb the neutrons creating the sustained nuclear fission. The reactor core is ruined, but there is zero chance of any meltdown. The Tokyo Electric Power Company did the right thing.

Jim Stone on May 28 2011 wrote of a sophisticated virus computer program over-riding the normal operating system and sending the cooling systems into disarray and setting the stage for a meltdown when the bombs exploded. But there was no meltdown. Some engineer decided to hit the scram button therefore the computer virus was a non-issue. Jim Stone writes nothing about the emergency stoppage of the nuclear chain reaction.

TEPCO has hundreds of water tanks containing much of the contaminated water from the area around the reactors. Some water has seeped into the ocean. They are planning to freeze the ground around the buildings in order to dam the contaminated ground water in place. This is a brilliant move. In all likelihood the cooling coils are already in place. The Japanese move fast.

Arnie Gunderson wrote in 2011 that it would take forty years to clean up the four plants. Later he wrote it would take a century to clean up all the radiation. TEPCO will have the cores extracted in less than five years and the contamination contained in less than ten.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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4 thoughts on “In Praise of Tokyo Electric Power Company TEPCO

  1. This article contradicts numerous independent analysts who have reported high radiation levels on the west coast, irradiated seafood and poisoned japanese agriculture. The author presents no actual data to back up the claims, although it would be good if they were correct. I also find it hard to believe that the petroleum industry needs to set off a hydrogen bomb creating global catastrophe to increase their market share.

  2. I wish like hell this was true but,Tepco are liars as is the author of this article. The Japanese government along with Tepco have been falsifying data and blatantly lying to the world. The should all be hanged, and no breaking of necks…just a 15 minute dangle while I finish my beer. Radionuclides from Fukushima have been flowing into the ocean and air from day one. Over a ton of MOX fuel blew sky high scattering it self where it pleased, a lot of it nano sized particles. There is 300 TONS of CORIUM far underneath the ground and is in contact with the ground water. 70% of children tested OUTSIDE Fukushima have cesium in their urine. You can’t even get robots near these reactors, too much gamma and the occasional neutron bath. These liars and pro nuke bastards should be made an example of.

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