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  1. https://youtu.be/lyJhQSZJogM

    “And when my missions over
    And I’m knocking on heavens door
    Maybe then I’ll realize
    Where I went wrong before
    There’s too many of you dying
    Victims of the mob
    What I’d tell the devil and he’d agree
    That I was only doing my job”

    I remember in the 70s, our family was always just getting by, dad made good money back then, lost his job and his wages were pretty much cut in half. He would go to the bar and more often than not, he would bring home extra money for groceries playing pool. I remembered him specifically b/tchin about charge cards back then, now called credit cards, how he wouldn’t voluntarily put himself in debt with one of those cards or take government handouts, he was against unions, school indoctrination and you could say anti-establishment. He was offered a seat with the freemasons and a job as a stock broker, turned them both down. 10 years later and a lot of moving around chasing a good wage because he only had an 8th grade education, he went against his principles and joined the game. Maxed out his credit, claimed bankruptcy a couple times and eventually went to college in 1990 when businesses started to become more computerized. He went from lower income to upper middle class by the time he retired. He always told me laws are to control the majority and to always question those in control and he never trusted organized religion though he believed in Jesus. I never understood what he was trying to teach me all those years until after he died in 2019 and 2020 hit. He got into the game at the right moment, was able to pay off his college, ended up with cancer in 2000 due to exposure to agent orange from vietnam, beat cancer for awhile, I think because he wouldn’t always listen to his doctors, he wouldn’t take chemo, stopped medications that he felt interacted with other medications he was prescribed. He always told me the doctors don’t know the outcome of mixing all those medications, do your own research and listen to what your body tells you. He beat the military and was able to prove his agent orange case and won 100% disability in 2014. He said the VA system is designed to wear a person out, constantly losing paperwork, having to keep resubmitting the same paperwork over and over for years on end and ready to disqualify your request if the paperwork wasn’t filled out perfectly.
    So I was only doing my job to keep the money flowing, to keep the bankers happy and in return a high social credit score, only to claim bankruptcy and start it all over again. This lifestyle just isn’t going to cut it anymore. It’s a vicious never ending circle chasing the illusion of the American dream. Those with no credit feel the boot on their necks more so than those with credit drowning in debt, and even those that manage their money well still live paycheck to paycheck. They will come for the upper class next, those in charge, the lawyers, politicians and doctors. Henry is not lying when he says if we wait much longer we will be out numbered and there will be more blood to pay the longer we wait. After all Nancy Pelosi did tell us all we have privileges and not rights.

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