Incoming Meteors San Diego, CA; Sonic Boom In Santa Barbara

Published on Feb 22, 2013 by cybertribenetwork

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7 thoughts on “Incoming Meteors San Diego, CA; Sonic Boom In Santa Barbara

  1. Cue the ET warriors coming ashore in hovercraft.

    How convenient that something sensational crops up just when they’ve got so many inconvenient stories to bury.

  2. I live in the desert and have a outside night job and see meteors all the time. They are usually just the size of a grain of sand or a marble. But what I’ve been seeing over the last week are basketball size meteors that are “skipping” over our atmosphere. They light up for a second, fade then light up again, like a skipping stone on a pond. If this continues look for another Russian size object to penitrate our protective bubble. My prediction is this. One large meteor about the size of a house to splash into the Pacific ocean and cause a tsunami. Good luck everyone.

  3. looks like the future is so bright they can’t find shade…

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    rock on


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