Texas bans shooting immigrants from helicopters

Texas State Troopers in a helicopter (Texas Dept. of Public Safety)Raw Story – by David Edwards

Officials in Texas announced on Thursday that State Troopers would no longer be allowed to open fire on suspects from helicopters after the recent killing of two immigrants.

While announcing the new policy, Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw insisted that the ban on aerial shootings had nothing to do with the October 2012 death of two Guatemalan immigrants, who were gunned down by troopers in helicopter while they were hiding in the back of a speeding pickup truck near La Joya.

“I’m convinced that now, from a helicopter platform, that we shouldn’t shoot unless being shot at, or unless someone is being shot at,” McCraw told the state House Committee on Appropriations. “Last Friday, after a review of the policy and looking at all of the different things, and this is not a reflection of what happened there, I’m a firm believer they did exactly what they thought they needed to do.”

ACLU of Texas Executive Director Terri Burke welcomed the change, but faulted the Texas Legislature for not moving to force the policy earlier.

“We were shocked. We’re thrilled, but we were surprised,” Burke said in a statement “We hope that this decision is a step, if only a small one, toward ending the culture of violence that pervades enforcement of border security in Texas.

Watch this video from KVEO, broadcast Feb. 21, 2013.

Raw Story (http://s.tt/1A6uc)

10 thoughts on “Texas bans shooting immigrants from helicopters

  1. Typical how cops always say they did it right, no matter what. I am sure the cops who killed the innocents in their manhunt for the recent cop killer, justified their murders by saying it was okay, as long the police thought they were doing the right then it cannot be wrong.

    Yes, I was speeding officer, and I had to get to work, and I thought that was important, thus I should get off clean because I thought it was the right thing to do. Later tonight I think I will shoot at people randomly from my helicopter and also claim it was acceptable because I thought it was the right thing to do. And Jesus will eventually forgive me for my sins so it doesn’t matter anyway.

  2. “Officials in Texas announced on Thursday that State Troopers would no longer be allowed to open fire on suspects from helicopters after the recent killing of two immigrants.”

    Immigrants??? Shouldn’t that be ILLEGAL ALIENS???


    Those of us who reside here LEGALLY would NEVER receive the same consideration!!!

  3. Good thing they stopped shooting those vibrant diversities who contribute so much to the rainbow utopia. There might have been a rocket scientist or brain surgeon sneaking across! P.S. have you heard about the TB outbreak in L.A.? Probably caused by unvaccinated immigrants.

  4. Hmmm

    Ah yes attempting to enforce and protect our borders is forbidden. Murdering American citizens who oppose slaughtering millions of Muslims for israel using drones now that is OK.

  5. So we can’t shoot em from helicopters. Ok, no aerial shots. We just have to start shooting from the backs of pick-ups!!!!

  6. Now this here ban on sportin’ is just uncalled fer. A feller gotta have a bit of light hearted fun whilst a flyin’ about in his hell-e-o-copter.

    What ya peoples don’t understand is just how boring it is a flyin’ all dag gum day with nothin’, and I do mean nothin’, to do up der. So me and the boys was a talkin’ and we said hey why not shoot us some dem der imme-I-grants? Hey who’s a gonna care anyways? It ain’t like dey was no Amer-I-can or somethin’. And heck we shoot dem der Amer-I-cans everyday and nobdy says nothin’.

    So we took us some guns up der in our hell-e-o-copter and a went a huntin’. Well it wasn’t long till we spotted one of dem imme-I-grant pickups a speedin’ along and just a beggin’ to get shooted. So we shoots it. What else would any god fearin’ officer do?

    Why dem imme-I-grants was suspects! I say dey was suspects and we always been allowed to shoot a suspect. All we gots to do is remember to tell the judge dem magic words, “I WAS IN FEAR FOR MY LIFE”. If we cant’s remember dem magic words then the prosecutor will help us by repeatin’ dem words to us and a noddin’ his head up and down whilst asking us if we was afraid. All we gots to do is remember to say YES!

    Then da judge says there weren’t no problem about shootin’ the suspect. We get a few more paid days on leave so we can go a fishin’ and then it’s back to work.

    Look at all the fuss now. We didn’t do nothin’ different exceptin’ use our hell-e-o-copter. Well nows I guess we gonna have to have all our sportin’n on the ground. So I has to go back to havin’ my way with a few young ladies, confiscatin’ unlawful money from folk, and bustin’ up high crime like dem criminals runnin’ dat un-licensed lemonade stand.

    Well I gots to go now. Der might be somethin’ important down at the donut shop I gots to check out. Dat donut waitress is real nice. I take her in the back and do a little strip search on her and she can’t do nothin but comply with my lawful orders. I hope you folk all gonna write to them lawmakers and demand that dey stop abusing your police. Our work is too important to da community.

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