Indictment: 4 N.J. cops allegedly planned retaliation

EDISON  — Four Edison police officers have been indicted on charges that they conspired to retaliate against an officer from another department because he arrested one of the Edison officer’s relatives for drunken driving.

The indictment recently handed up by a Middlesex County grand jury alleges that in early 2012, the four Edison officers improperly accessed information about a North Brunswick officer and performed surveillance on him and his travel habits. But prosecutors say no actual retaliation occurred.  

The four Edison officers — Michael Dotro, Victor Aravena, William Gesell and Brian Favretto — all face conspiracy and official misconduct charges, along with other individual counts. All four have been suspended without pay, and it was not known Sunday if any of them have retained an attorney.

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6 thoughts on “Indictment: 4 N.J. cops allegedly planned retaliation

  1. wow , even turning on their own now I see, how lovely

    sure is going to get interesting when the curtain goes up , aint it boys?

  2. “performed surveillance on him and his travel habits”
    the same should be practiced by American nationals in order that justice might be served.

  3. In the cases of pedophile priests, you can change churches. Teachers in schools that sexually prey on students, you can change schools or home-school. But what can you do about corrupt, out of control cops? They are all corrupt to varying degrees, and unlike priests or teachers, corrupt cops can (and do) deprive us of reputation, livelihood, property, and they can even take our LIFE!!! They are the worst of the bunch because of the severity of harm they can do, even to the innocent. Fire them all, and nothing but elected sheriffs and deputies from now on. Before you “honest cops” start your bluff-and-bluster about how honest YOU are, tell us your “Cops Against Police Brutality” membership number and the mailing address of the local chapter you belong to. Otherwise, STFU.

  4. Turning on their own now, are they? Good. If they eat each other, they’ll be exhausted and we’ll be fresh to take them out as well as the rest of the foreign insurgents. Makes our job that much easier.

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