Inside the Michigan Militia

Published on May 16, 2016 by VICE

In 2008, the first black president was elected in the United States and the worst financial crisis in almost a century brought the world’s economy to its knees. Since then, a form of domestic terror has been on the rise in America and abroad. But it’s not the kind of terror we’re used to hearing about.

Militia groups and neo-nationalists here and around the world have been growing bolder, more popular and more powerful. VICE’s Ben Makuch investigates the origins of these militia groups and explores the driving force behind the militia movement today. In order to do so, he travels to the place where it all began: the Michigan State militias.


6 thoughts on “Inside the Michigan Militia

  1. This is the face of the enemy of America shown with a foreigner and a real domestic enemy at DHS. The whole program was a hit piece, and in the end they were pushing DEMOCRACY. This country is a REPUBLIC. That is a completely different political apparatus. They are pushing COMMUNISM and STATISM. The whole thing was designed to try and do damage to the public image of militias. Militias have been with America since it was a collection of colonies. They have been the nucleus of our national defense. Now the government hijacked by criminals want to completely seize power and create a Soviet style democracy on steroids.

    Any militia who agrees to even talk to reporters are not thinking clearly. Reporters are firmly in the camp of their enemies and will NEVER get a fair hearing or positive presentation to the public from them. They will murder your public image prior to murdering you and your movement. This is called “DECONSTRUCTION”. This is what an enemy does before it strikes physically to try an isolate their targets as much as possible of any sympathy and public support. It will always be a hit piece.

    They speak of Paranoia. That is a mental illness to be sure, but it seems to be something that really afflicts US Government circles these days. Why would THEY be so afraid of Americans? Could it be that they plan to “RIDE THE TIGER”, so to speak, but are beginning to realize at some level that having a plan is not the same as actually physically “RIDING THE TIGER”? One end of that tiger has very long sharp powerfully driven set of teeth, not to mention claws.

  2. It can only be arrogance that compelled these fools to aid the enemy. There is definitely a disconnect within the so called militia movement.
    How easy to keep your training under your hat and how would it be if the public image being projected were of the militia in tent cities, feeding the former middle class? And how would it be if the active defiance that made the evening news was the militia defying tyranny and feeding their brothers and sisters where such has been forbidden?
    These people do not understand the Bill of Rights and what is wrong with this country.
    As for the black fellow at the end, he is not promoting democracy, but rather pure communism, as the Bill of Rights must be absolute, and if it is so, no form of government of any label or description can harm us.
    Say what you will, but the Bill of Rights forbids a government that has morphed from the founding contract known as the Constitution. As for democracy, it has been very beneficial to those who practice it exclusively at the top within their own cliques and collectives, as they have taken everything that belonged to all.
    I care not what perception for a government is put forth, as it is the Bill of Rights that will see it controlled and made to serve the people with absolute liberty and justice, or see it destroyed for its failure to do so.
    As for the militia, I think their greatest problem is lack of judgment and coordinated effort towards a single identifiable cause, which cannot be attacked and demonized, as it is our people’s Bill of Rights which was designed to protect our people and preserve our liberties.

  3. Most militias are compromised. They let anyone join way too easily and most of their members are Social CONservative.

  4. I have my own Family.. , I couldn’t in good conscience join a group that I dont know for sure if they ALL hold to the same values as I

    call it a Militia of one if you will , but I will only answer to my own acts, not be painted with the brush of the acts of another

    and yet, as it has been said , all these “groups” are, and have been compromised , who in their right mind would , or could stand shoulder to shoulder with a fake comrade that under all his fake tacticool gear wears a FED-COAT?, why take that chance , when theres enough threats out there already .. its like signing up for your own entrapment

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