Is Anonymous a U.S. Phantom Enemy Created by Ntrepid?

AnonymousThe Intel Hub – by Avalon

An amazing researcher, Rooster is known for his analysis of the Sandy Hook Shooting that took place on December 14, 2012 at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. He has produced over 21 videos going through the facts and possibility that the event was staged.  

The main point made by his analysis is that a network of corporations and government operatives were behind the Sandy Hook staged shootings. He uses the term ‘Propaganda News’ to describe the media coverage and subsequent push for historic 2nd amendment Gun Control legislation that resulted from the event.

The story starts with Roosters warning that there would be an attack by Anonymous on the State of Israel. In one of his recent videos, Rooster warned that “Anonymous was threatening to attack Israel on the 7th of April”. Subsequently, on the 7th of April, Anonymous perpetrated an attack on Israel by hacking several (nearly 100) corporate and government websites that were listed on the Anonymous website.

Rooster then goes on to state that Anonymous is lying. His research points to the fact that Anonymous came out of nowhere in 2003 and that they are not who they say they are. Rooster characterizes Anonymous as a fraud, but a very deadly and dangerous fraud.

“These people are being funded by government; these people are contractors (sic) by government, and they are and have been former agents for the CIA.”

Interestingly, Rooster makes the point that once you’re an agent of the CIA, you’re always a part of the organization. To put in his own words, “Your Blood In – Blood Out – You don’t come out alive”

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Even though Israel had been attacked on the 7th of April, Israel came out and stated that they were going to strike back. The question Rooster poses is, how do you strike back if you’re offline – unless you’re operating from the same systems / network that Anonymous is using?

According to Rooster, this is about creating Phantom Enemies, and the media is promoting this Cyber-Terrorism Agenda whose endgame is to make sure everyone fears the potential threat and resulting global collapse that a Global Cyber Attack will produce. Technically, if the banking sector, or industrial, communications or energy sectors are brought down, the resulting chaos would be incredible.

“The truth is, this whole game that you’re seeing right now being played out is being done straight from Israel” published an article on April 6th Anonymous launches massive cyber assault on Israel which reflects the agenda at work. Another article, Cyber war and global order follows the same pattern, according to Rooster. Interestingly, Rooster also highlights the articles titled, Obama administration claims power to authorize preemptive cyber war strikes and Broad Powers Seen for Obama in Cyber strikes as proof that an orchestrated strategy to pump fear into everyone and move closer to a total global control grid – as many fear is underway.

Rooster describes the global control as a Global Order, where everyone on the planet will be interlocked and in a database and every person will be facially and emotionally recognized. Rooster has all the details on the companies and systems that are being put in place and are about to be exploited on the global population.

4 thoughts on “Is Anonymous a U.S. Phantom Enemy Created by Ntrepid?

  1. anonymous has to fight against cointelpro all the time, they have volunteers that actively hunt them down. do cointelpro pose as anon, yes. but don’t confuse them. the anons that follow commander x do a lot of work exposing the government

  2. My Fellow Americans:

    Anonymous is the cyber arm of the CIA,.. the same way that Al-Qaeda is the tactical arm of the CIA.

    Nothing more.

    JD – US Marines


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