Photos: Boston Bombing Suspects Appear to Be Militarized Covert Black Ops

Suspect #1: Appears to be a militarized individual with an earpiece, military boots and attire. (Image: Intel Hub – by Shepard Ambellas

The bombing attacks that took place this week at the Boston Marathon will no doubt will spark a new wave of draconian control measures on the American populace.

It is scary to think that our very own government could be responsible for the attacks. However, state sponsored terror has taken place many times throughout history.   

Take a look at the London bombings that took place on July 7, 2005, the September 11th attacks on the world trade center, or even theReichstag fire sparked by Hitlers men.

During these modern events live drills were being conducted at the same time the attacks were being carried out.

We saw this during 9/11 as NORAD was conducting many drills that day having to do with hijacked aircraft. The confusion from the drills and the simultaneous live event caused a window of diversion and distraction.

The same took place in July of 2005 when Visor Consultants was running a drill that went live, into real-time. Which means that an actual fictitious drill scenario really happened exactly as the script but in real life and real time raising suspicion from many that the government had direct involvement once again.

There were bomb sniffing dogs present at the Boston Marathon according to eyewitness reports. There was also a drill being conducted in the area.

Below is a photographic analysis of the two suspects in question:


Suspects #1 & #2 (Image:

This looks as if it will be used to usher in a nasty era of tyrannical control pointed at domestic terrorism. (i.e. White terrorists will be lurking around every corner as pressure cookers could potentially be ban.)

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