Is there government cover-up of child genocide and mass graves?

Forensic experts work on finding evidenceExaminer – by Judy Byington

Thirty small skeletons were discovered in an unmarked mass grave-site at the Port Alberni BC United Church of Canada residential school for native children. For the last three months the Canadian Government has thwarted plans for excavation by Archeologist Kevin Annett of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. 

It is not the first time the Canadian government has suppressed evidence of child genocide. Since the 1800s and through the 1990s thousands of native children were forced under the care of Catholic, United Church of Canada and Anglican residential schools jointly owned by the Canadian government. Two years ago a grave-site was unearthed near the Anglican-run Mohawk Institute for native children in Brantford, Ontario. In September 2011 the Canadian government stopped recovery efforts after four days of digging and upon discovery of an underground torture chamber, plus human remains. The team of archeologists headed by Annett and a man from the Smithsonian Institute, have yet to resume their dig.  

Annett’s ITCCS subsequently formed a common law court in Brussels. After a year of litigation, it was determined that over 50,000 Canadian children were missing. Six international judges issued 40 arrest warrants, including two for the Vatican. This successful court action was believed the motivation behind Catholic Pope Benedict Ratziner’s February 11 2013 resignation.

Why has there been little or no media coverage on these deplorable events?

“There is an enormous sabotage campaign to stop the digs and fog the evidence,” stated Annett who spent twenty years taking the 50,000 missing children case to court. “That cover-up eventually involved Canadian, US and European officials, the Archbishop of Canterbury in London, Rowan Williams, the Anglican Primate in Canada, Fred Hiltz, Buckingham Palace, Canadian Prime Minister Brent Harper, Vatican officials and other elites.”

The United Church child burial site was accidentally found in September by pipe fitters and two months after a July 17 2013 Brampton Guardian article accused the school of deliberately starving children to death in government experiments.…

Evidence of US and Canadian church and state’s genocide of children dated to the 1800s and continued through the 1990s. This abuse, rape and murder of “throw-away” children is thought covered up by the Canadian-US governments and military doing mind control experiments in connection with Lutheran, Catholic and United Churches, plus 80 US and Canadian institutions including 44 colleges and universities. The traumatization of children to create “super spies” began at least by 1953 when the CIA imported Nazi specialists from Hitler’s Germany for human experiments in the US and Canada and a mind control program eventually known as MKULTRA.

The media has remained silent on this child holocaust, though thousands of pieces of evidence used in the 2013 ITCCS international court was documented in Kevin Annett’s “Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, past and present.”

The torture and murder of native children in Canadian residential schools through the 1990s is under investigation by the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission. A tribal council appointed by the Canadian Government, announced a series of forums for Port Alberni survivors. Annett was not impressed, “All they will do is try to spin the evidence and control it.”

“Generations of brown children were deliberately starved and tortured to death as part of a clear Eugenics program to exterminate Indian nations in order to get their land and resources” Annett claimed. “Then hide or destroy the bodies and physical evidence, and bury the documents for years until the legal coast is clear. However, the evidence we have will not go away.”

The problem of child exploitation by church and state appeared extensive, went far beyond the 50,000 missing children and was said to involve international child exploitation rings. Survivors are gathering signatures for a Congressional investigation of the US involvement:….

The petition and history of the government mind control program can be found at:

This is the first in a series of articles on modern day church and government-sponsored Child Holocausts.

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  1. “Why has there been little or no media coverage on these deplorable events?”

    Grow up. Are you still waiting for Lois Lane and Clark Kent to expose the truth?

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