Is World War III being Orchestrated by the US and Israel?

Egyptian protesters tore down a wall around the Israel Embassy in Cairo Friday.  I guess this democratic movement is taking shape pretty much as predicted.  Now that the voice of the Egyptian people is being heard, the message is clear in that they want to end peaceful relations with and denounce Israel.  Now that the puppet dictatorship, which had been financed by the United States for the benefit of Israel, has been removed, radical Islam is now dominating Egypt and the same is true in Tunisia, Libya, and Syria.

Our CIA, working hand in hand with the Israeli Mossad, has now managed to cause a general destabilization in the Middle East and Northern Africa.  Not only we at From the Trenches, but many others have predicted that this would be the case.  Today the Pakistanis are headed down the same path and all the Middle Eastern, North African countries are coming into step with Iran in returning to their Islamic roots.

The stage is being set for World War III, which will probably begin with an Israeli air attack on Iran and ground invasion into Egypt and or Syria, followed by a US air and ground invasion into Pakistan and Iran.  Considering the instability in the United States at present a third world war may be the only avenue left to the international elite as a defensive maneuver to counter the growing calls for revolution in the United States.

If a full blown world war breaks out, not even Ron Paul will be able to stop it, as the stage will be set for outright suspension of the Constitution and the elections in the name of national security, as the patriots in the United States will have to be put down in order to secure our country’s ability to affectively wage a world war.  Any patriot so much as speaking out against this atrocity will be labeled a terrorist and dealt with using the harshest methods, as the American patriot will not only be engaging the insurgents within our own government, but their international allies as a part of a world war scenario.

Thereafter, when the peoples of this planet have bled sufficiently, a one world order government will come forth to bring order from the chaos.  I think this is our enemies’ last ditch solution to the problem of the armed American patriot.  I think it may have come to the point that unless the people initiate the revolution we will be denied the distinct advantage that we now hold.

If the aforementioned scenario is allowed to come to fruition, the American patriot will be labeled as insurgents fighting against their government in allegiance with Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, and Russia.  And how ironic will it be when the enemy that most wants to destroy us, China, steps in as the number two ally to the United States government to put down the uprising?  I say number two because the number one ally to our insurgent government is Israel who has agents planted deep within every agency, working to get the whole show started.

In reading internet sites around the world, ironically it will probably be the citizens, not the governments; of countries like Germany and Iceland who will become the international allies of the American patriots as these peoples have become educated to the one world internationalist plot for world domination.

Unless there is a thermal nuclear exchange we could very well see the first guerilla world war, which will last for about ten years with the guerillas winning.  It will cost millions of lives, but in the end freedom and liberty will prevail and the diabolical monsters, who will have caused all the pain and suffering, will be utterly destroyed.  Then maybe, just maybe, the peoples of the world will actually see a genuine period of world peace.  I know war for peace is an oxymoron; the peace I am talking about is the quiet after the guns are finally silenced.

The people of the United States need to prepare themselves.  If it is possible to stop this third world war, we must spare no effort in doing so as the destruction it will procure is unacceptable.  But if we cannot stop it, we must go at it without reserve as the loss of our freedom and liberty and being left enslaved is more unacceptable.

If we can make it to the 2012 election and get Ron Paul into office we stand a chance of averting the greatest catastrophe to befall the earth in modern history.  And to do so we must be aware of the Israeli infiltrators within our government working diligently for our demise.  These people are not our people, they are sadists who believe themselves superior to all others on this earth and see the rest of humanity as needing of extermination.

God grant us the time to put Ron Paul into office and clean up our government.

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  1. Sometimes the obvious answer is the correct one. The cause of all the middle eastern wars was and is the effort to exterminate the Jews. This is a continuation of WWII, with the Nazi allied Arabs trying to complete the Final Solution. Notice how the old dictatorships were officially both socialist and nationalist? The riddle is up to you to find the correct combination of the two terms…

    1. What the fuck is that supposed mean ? The Israeli’s have enough nukes to level the whole Middle East. None of those Arab countries are gonna seriously try to fuck with them. I agree with Rick. It’s time to keep a real close eye on the Chosen People !

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