American People of the American Race, Socialism is Knocking on Our Door

Hopefully things will get back to normal today, whatever the hell that means.  Please do not let today be the day after the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, to be followed by two days after the 10th Anniversary, and so on.  What we have just witnessed was nothing short of a weeklong commercial.  If you have ever watched the Military Channel, a lot of what you see in reference to modern weaponry consists of presentations put together by defense contractors, displaying their newest products, which unfortunately for us, are designed to spy on and kill the citizen.

With our country in bankruptcy, every expenditure is being intensely scrutinized by the public, especially those who have become gluttonous in sucking up our resources and taking away our freedoms and liberties.  Homeland Security is unconstitutional, just like the BATF, FEMA, the FBI, and every other KGB style federal agency.  If we step back and look at how this police state was created it is plain to see that we are paying top dollar for our own enslavement.

The insurgents in our government have pumped foreigners into our country from every other country on the planet.  We have seen the chaos that has resulted when first Tunisia then Egypt, Libya, and then Syria became unstable.  Nationals from every one of these places filled the streets in our major cities, trying to sway our reactions to the events in their home countries.  But this is not where it started.

After Dessert Dust 1, Bush 1 brought 40,000 so called Iraqi refugees to the US and since hundreds of thousands more so called refugees have come.  This was necessary so that we could put a face on radical Islam in our own reality, as we see them every day now.   These insurgents were rewarded for their service to the international corporate mafia with interest free loans and zero corporate taxes, which have allowed them to buy up hundreds of thousands of motels, hotels, gas stations, and quickie-marts.

Tell me this, we have spent over a trillion dollars and sacrificed 3000+ American lives, supposedly to bring democracy to Iraq.  And now that our mission has been a success, shouldn’t we be able to send these refugees home to their own country?  Well it is not going to happen until we the people take our country back.  If you think about it, walking down a street in one of our major cities, how many languages might you hear in one single block?  Break communications and divide and conquer are strategies as old as war itself, and this is what we are witnessing.

And of course as we were watching the big one week commercial, hundreds of thousands more of our jobs were leaving our country.  But not to worry, this week the social communists will be stepping in with their new socialist agenda to save us.

All the rave is about the Georgia Plan.  Well let’s take a look at the Georgia Plan.  In order to get your unemployment check, which many have paid in to for 30 to 40 years, you would now be required to work for any business that signed up for the program for free for six weeks, after which you would receive a certificate of completion from that company.

Just how goddamn stupid do they think people are?  It has reached the point that they have to extend unemployment and they know it.  So I guess they figure the only way they can put that money in the pockets of the corporate elite is to provide them with free labor.

What this comes down to is the government paying a slave wage to the citizen who works to procure profit for the corporation.  A certificate of completion?  I guess many of us can become corporate certified ditch diggers or maybe they can put us down in the mines, removing our resources for them to ship overseas.

This whole Georgia Plan bullshit is not only immoral, but it is illegal and represents nothing more than another attempt to diminish our middle class and our standard of living.

Those few of you left with jobs in the middle class will be competing with this state-sponsored slave labor.  At first they will say they are going to send you home early to give these new people a chance to learn.  And if you resist you will be fired.  After six weeks they will have trained someone to take your job, using your tax dollars to do so.  As for the menial labor, every six weeks the corporations will just bring in a new batch of “students” (LOL) to take jobs away from living wage earners and all they will have to give for it is a certificate of completion.  By the way, is House Cleaners Inc. an accredited school?

Just think of it, billions spent so the unemployed can cover the walls of their tents with corporate labor certificates, affirming that they know how to dig ditches, lift bales, and pick cotton.  And don’t forget the neo-cons are going to want something in this deal too.  Oh, that’s right, another free trade agreement.

But how dare we complain.  All they want is our lives spent in serving them as we watch foreigners flow into our country and continue to take what was once ours.  And if they can’t get here to get it, hell we will send it to them at our expense.  It is becoming apparent that these sons of bitches are not going to stop until we stomp their asses.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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