Israeli Elitism

In these United States you will find nationals from foreign countries around the world.  In fact every time an issue arises wherein the US Zionist controlled government becomes aggressive against another sovereign nation, almost immediately there are nationals from that country protesting in the streets of our cities.  What are these people doing here?  And how is it that on every issue, they seem to be against their home government and for a regime change there to be accomplished by us?

After the first Gulf War, Desert Storm, King Bush the First allowed 40,000 Iraqis into the United States as political refugees and by the time the second Gulf War came to fruition under King Bush the Second, we were being told we had to worry about the Iraqis here because they were forming terrorist groups within our country.

When it comes to international relations, if you are a true sovereign country with true ideals and conceptions of morality, your friend today could very well be your enemy of tomorrow.  So why in the name of national security are all of these un-American foreign nationals literally being pumped into our country?

Abraham Lincoln (and Jesus) said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  Shall we now dismiss Abraham Lincoln (and Jesus) as racists because their words do not support the Israeli instigated multi-culturalism that is destroying our American culture?  When I think of how this country was just thirty years ago and then look at it today, I, as a multi-generational American, feel like I am the foreigner here.

Make no mistake; we will be going into Syria, and then Iran, quite possibly ending up in a third world war.  The American people, through the building of the greatest and freest country to ever exist on the planet, set themselves apart as an elite nation of people, and rightfully so considering our accomplishments.

In reality this is what the crowned heads of Europe and the Israeli Zionists cannot tolerate, as it is their contention that it is they who are exclusively the elite upon this Earth and all other life forms, from a man to a dog, are equally beneath them.  We are to them as a herd of animals.  At this point they have decided to cull their herd beginning with we Americans, who are so audacious as to put forth the notion that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights and that among these are; life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

This assertion is and has always been an affront to the self proclaimed Zionist elite.  We must understand that, although we happily accept other people as equal and deserving within this assertion in accordance with their aptitude and application, the Zionists never will.  There is no way to come to peaceable terms with those who set themselves apart as a separate species, distinctly above all others.

This madness has gone on for thousands of years and no matter how the notion offends the brainwashed among us, sooner or later we are going to have to come to the realization that the only way to rid ourselves of these parasites is through arrest and prosecution as this is the only way they are going to cease their heaping of mass murder and misery upon the rest of the world.

God help us to accept the inevitable.

2 thoughts on “Israeli Elitism

  1. Very insightful article.This is what the Zionist Jewish scum do best. They foment hatred and war between others, then hide like the cowards they are until it’s all said and done, and crawl out of the woodwork to reap the benefits in the aftermath. ‘Order from chaos’ is their motto.
    Except for the quote “A house divided against itself cannot stand” being attributed to Lincoln, which is actually a quote from Jesus – Matt. 12:25, this an excellent piece.

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