Israeli tech will help reshape world after pandemic

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Israeli technology can help the world find its new digital equilibrium in the post-Covid reality, according to a position paper from the Tel Aviv-based non-profit Start-Up Nation Central.

The report says Israel’s “longstanding expertise in software, data, sensors and cybersecurity provides an excellent starting point” for reshaping the future of work, healthcare, travel, education, housing and manufacturing.

“Israel’s tech ecosystem is well positioned to help establish the ‘new normal’ and drive its evolution. Its ecosystem’s ability to quickly adapt is evident in both the generation of hundreds of innovative new tech startups each year, and the rapid pivoting of existing companies, all with an eye toward new market challenges.”

The paper cites Israel’s existing strengths in artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), autonomous technologies, big data and Internet of Things (IoT), and predicts that five of its leading sectors — cybersecurity, digital health, fintech, Industry 4.0 and agri/food-tech – “are very well positioned to see an increase in demand in the new digital age.”

The analysists see the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity for Israeli startups to reduce dependence on foreign capital, connect traditional Israeli businesses to advanced technologies, and employ underrepresented populations – Arabs, ultra-Orthodox Jews and people with disabilities — in the tech sector.

They also suggest that Israeli startups should begin setting up beta sites or pilots locally before scaling up abroad.

“In the dawn of the post-pandemic new digital age, Israel can transcend its ‘Start-Up Nation’ status and become the leading nation in providing its citizens – and ultimately the world – with cutting-edge digital solutions in health, education, and welfare,” the authors state.

Israel 21c

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