Israeli Warplanes Strike Target Inside Syria

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U.S. Pentagon officials are confirming that at least two Israeli warplanes have bombed a warehouse inside Syria. The Pentagon believes that two planes, possibly F-15′s or F-16′s, carried out the strike.

This is the second strike by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on Syrian soil, the first occurred when Israeli warplanes struck an truck convoy believed to be transporting Russian-made missiles near the Lebanese border.  

The Israeli press is reporting that several of these planes were “hovering” over the Syrian capital of Damascus.

11 thoughts on “Israeli Warplanes Strike Target Inside Syria

  1. I am sending Putin an email to get his Christian arse in gear.
    Israel just keeps on with its genocide tactics.

  2. I hope Iran, China and Russia realize that the American people aren’t their enemy, our Government is.

    1. Lets hope. The foreign US gov does not speak for ALL the
      American citizens. They speak for themselves.

    2. Hi Kevin,

      This is NOT “our” government (a common misconception…)

      It is an “Enemy Force In Occupation”,.. disquised as an American gov’t.

      It is the enemy of all of mankind.

      JD – US Marines – This country has not a legitimate government since the introduction of the 1st (Central) Bank Of America. This is when the British/Jew owned bankings interests corrupt our gov’t beyond repair.

  3. “””Let’s Get Ready To RRRRRRRumble”””” !!!!!

    Here we go folks, this is it. Israel bombing Syria (and very soon Iran). Nukes possibly going off in America this weekend (May 5th). China and Russia coming into the mix.
    My God, how much better can it get?!!?!!? Ya gotta love it!!!!

    Get your popcorn ready. It’s SHOWTIME !!!!!!

  4. What? You’d think advanced anti-aircraft systems like the A-300 -400 and others they have, would have been engaged. Maybe they don’t want to use them on something small, or maybe Syria is testing the Israeli capabilities, by setting up targets. Or maybe it’s Israel see how much they have left in the tank.

    But something here does not add-up.

  5. ~ the first occurred when Israeli warplanes struck an truck convoy believed to be transporting Russian-made missiles near the Lebanese border. ~

    Lies, the place was a ordinary trucking company with an office and a long line of parked empty trucks on the road outside.

    ‘Only’ two people were killed, not twenty, only because business is very depressed in that now war wretched country.

  6. My Fellow Americans:

    For those who have been listening to the show,.. Henry and I have talking about the fact that the Globalists have lost every Gambit card they have played in Syria to date.

    The only have one option left,… just attack.

    Well,.. since Israel decided to again,.. attack with no legitmate provacation,.. we now have 100% proof who is driving the One-World Gov’t global agenda,.. the pyschos of Israel, with their hand picked Banksters.

    This is about to ramp up hard, as they are out of time to develop any other Gambit,.. and people are waking up to quick to drag this out and simply try and wear Syria down.

    The war criminals are once again on the march in pusuit of their lust for power, glory,.. and wanton death and destruction.

    When will we say?,… enough.

    JD – US Marines – WW3,.. about to start?

  7. What a monster the lefties have created. Sixty-five years of cow-towing to these deranged psychopaths as they trot everyone across the globe to do their killing for them. What a run they have had with America, exploiting and sucking you dry.

  8. Wait wait! Am I reading this right? ISRAEL is actually sending their own troops to fight another country? OMG! That can’t be right. Little Benny getting sick of the U.S. not sending enough troops to do the fighting and die for him? Awww…..So sad.

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