“I’ve Never Seen This Many Police”: NYPD Launch Crackdown on Pro-Palestine Protesters at Columbia

By Chris Menahan – Information Liberation

You can burn down our cities to protest “white privilege” and police will take a knee but if you protest Israel’s genocide in Gaza you’re going to face a police crackdown like you’ve never seen.













Similar crackdowns were launched across the country:


For contrast:

“Lawmakers on both sides, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, have denounced the escalation of protests and vandalism,” CNN reported on Tuesday. “House Speaker Mike Johnson announced Tuesday that Republicans are launching ‘a House-wide effort to crack down on antisemitism on college campuses.’ ”

Johnson responded to the BLM riots by demanding white people check their privilege but when Israel is threatened out comes the Iron Fist!

It’s incredible what the state can accomplish when they actually apply themselves.

As a reminder, it came out last year after the prosecution of Daniel Penny was launched for allegedly killing violent schizophrenic Jordan Neely that New York City has a “top 50” list of homeless people in need of “assistance and treatment” from social workers (as opposed to police) and Neely was on the list.

Violent schizos are shielded from prosecution in New York City and allowed to terrorize the public with impunity but if you protest Israel you risk getting your skull cracked!

The slaughter must continue!


3 thoughts on ““I’ve Never Seen This Many Police”: NYPD Launch Crackdown on Pro-Palestine Protesters at Columbia

  1. Seems they all got the memo to hit hard and fast.

    OMG!! Those tweets are one worse than the other.

    I keep seeing Mao’s face smiling.


    1. I look at that last tweet of the fire-bombing at Rafah; I hear the devastating screams, and I’m supposed to be concerned about students breaking windows and calling for ceasefire?!!

      I WILL NOT be coaxed into becoming insane.


  2. I’m no fan of protesting unless it leads people to realize how futile most of it is so that they move on to what really needs to be done. In that case I will concede that maybe it can play a role in widening one’s overview so they can focus on the real problem & the real instigators/enemy. This protest is widespread & this heavy-handed crackdown is actually happening all over the world in the usual countries where jews have been allowed to control government, education, banking & media, etc. Making the right rational connections requires bravery NOT simple emotional reaction based on false idealism. Some will come through all this better prepared for what needs to happen next.

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