8 thoughts on “Jade Helm 15 – the low down

  1. With all due respect for Mr. Viking Preparedness, I do not think that he’s properly putting the lessons from his own military experience into the proper context of the state of affairs in this country today.

    I do not think he’s lying, but by his own admission he’s a bit out of touch with today’s military, and while this type of training mission may have been very important twenty years ago, that fact may be part of the cover story for today’s mission. If this type of training was lacking, why wait until today to do it? Is it merely a coincidence that this type of mission, which has never been done before, happens to be taking place here, while the population is up in arms, the economy is about to collapse, and “hostile states” have been identified as where the mission should be centered? I don’t think he’s weighed all of these factors into his opinion that this is “nothing to worry about.”

    And how can he be so sure that they’re not training to use these skills, and the information collected during this exercise, against the American people? I think that he, like most humans do, is believing what makes him most comfortable, and he has nothing in the way of facts to back this up. His opinion is based on his own ancient memories of his military service, and he’s not taking the entire set of modern circumstances into account.

    The revelation that these troops have been stationed here with no logistical support other then a credit card is leading me to think that this is a sort of “urban survival mission”, during which they’re supposed to blend in with the population, and collect as much information as possible. They’ve probably been tasked with assessing the strength of local forces, identifying militia members and finding out where large quantities of arms and ammo may be stored.

    It may well be the type of training mission he described, but while they’re at it, why not gather up as much of the info that interests our government’s forces? It will also have the effect of getting the population accustomed to seeing soldiers operating inside of the country.

    And because I don’t know Mr. Viking Preparedness personally, it may also be possible that he’s had his mortgage paid off for making this little video that’s designed to quell everyone’s fears.

    He may be right, and I hope he is, but please don’t use this video as a reason to let your guard down. He may just as easily be very wrong.

  2. Well stated Jolly Roger, it appears this guy is still under the brainwashing of Boot Camp and beyond. Let’s see, we have innocent unarmed individuals being executed in cold blood every day in America by so-called police. The corporation known as government is completely corrupt, across all elements, our fiat currency has run it’s course, and we suffer from ” divide and conquer ” more than ever before. Here in California we’re damn near out of water. Does anyone think that 30+ million people don’t need to be ” contained ” when our water is gone ? Think again. As far as the military training here for foreign missions, I call BS. Period. The Penta-gram-gon didn’t fall off the prune truck yesterday. I for one do NOT buy his explanation . . . . And as Jolly Roger wisely stated: DO NOT allow this video to ” drop your guard ” . . . . .

  3. On a recent raid, I can’t recall which, swat members piled out of the truck with automatic weapons but were dressed in normal attire to “blend in”. My guess is you won’t see the Robocop attire as much as you will meet new people in your town asking a lot of questions.

    1. Does it matter how they’re dressed ? The weapons and tactics give them away. Funny thing is, dress doesn’t hide their intent. Any MF who walks towards my door with a weapon is dead ( are you listening IRS ? ) . . . I recently called a company to have my wall furnace repaired, The ” kid ” who showed up had a heavy Russian accent and didn’t know how my furnace worked with the thermostat. I threw the pr#@k out of my house. I closely watch my area and any ” new ” people get quickly dismissed, but remain ” noted ” for future ” target ” reference . . .

  4. Reverend or not, If you don’t personally know a person for at least 15 yrs or so….they’re suspect in my book. TPTB have made it virtually impossible to trust anyone anymore that you don’t really know. That’s the game.

    There used to be a T-shirt out that said,”Kill’em all and let God sort’em out”.

  5. This guy sounds a lot like a dis info agent,or simply brainwashed from being in the military. I see all of this as training both for the military and the cops to make them use to battle field ameriKa and to let the sheep get use to seeing it. Incremental ism by any other name is still incremental ism and this is in your face incremental ism for sure. Just like they said that the SWAT teams would only be used in special situations and now they are used to serve warrants and other non violent crime activity. This is the f#@king camel putting his nose under YOUR tent!
    Guys like this shill make me want to puke spreading lies.

    1. I don’t trust Potter farther than I can throw the pork. He’s akin to AJ, Santillie on Rense ( an operative ),et al, all media whores which I detest . . . .

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