Japan’s most senior oncologist professor Fukushima drops bombshell:

By DiedSuddenly

“Genetic vaccines are totally unacceptable. The introduction of transgenes into the human body is gene therapy.

How can this be considered acceptable for creating vaccines? If you encapsulate mRNA in nanoparticles and administer it you only get off target effects starting from the ovaries, to the brain, liver, spleen and bone marrow.

The biggest problem is going to the bone marrow, the reproductive organs like the ovaries and then every possible organ.

The fact that spike proteins are still detected in the rash after more than a year makes it obvious that mRNA is producing spike proteins.

There is no way for a year old spike protein to remain in the rash and be detected. I didn’t choose to get vaccinated because I think it was a foolish decision from the beginning…”

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