Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown and the Lies

A true effective propaganda consists of three elements, truths, half-truths, and lies.  The level of propaganda coming out of Japan is truly frightening.  You have reporters telling you that the situation isn’t really that bad, others saying the situation is critical, while the third branch state that they just do not know. 

The truth is they do not know.  You see they cannot know as there has never been another situation like this.  It is chaotic and unique, which it to say anyone claiming they can predict what will happen next is a liar.

One report says that it is unlikely that radiation from Japan will reach the United States, while another said that it is inevitable, but the levels will be low.  I even saw one weatherman on CNN state emphatically that the radiation absolutely would not reach the United States.  A weatherman?  I would have to ask, “What are your credentials, sir, to be making such a statement, were you a physicist before you became a weatherman?”

People need to know that everything broadcast through the mainstream media has been scripted and not with the intent to get the truth out, but rather for the purpose of controlling the actions of the populous. 

Evidently the people on the U.S. west coast are not buying the party line for half a second as they have already emptied the shelves of potassium iodide that they believe they are going to need to protect themselves, as they can see straight through the propaganda, being highly educated.  The truth is the kind of propaganda they are using could only work for a short term on people in the third world, and even they, being uneducated, would figure the whole thing out as soon as they started becoming sick.

I personally have contacted a young man, educated in physics.  Though he only holds a bachelor’s degree, I think he is far more qualified than the weatherman on CNN.  Through discussion we have come up with the following hypothesis. 

As there is now a storm pushing through Japan and on its way to our west coast and as the radiation, released in the steam, coming from the seawater being poured on the reactor rods has to be blending with the moisture passing overhead, logic would dictate that when that storm gets to the United States, it will have radiation mixed with the water molecules.  And of course when it starts falling from the atmosphere in the form of rain and snow, will it not bring the radiation down with it?

Again, the mainstream propagandists are downplaying the radiation levels even as thousands crowd the airports in Tokyo seeking to flee an area that is 170 miles away from those reactors.

Let’s just suppose for a moment that the aforementioned hypothesis is correct and radiation from Japan’s failing reactors is dispersed throughout the United States.  Who will be liable for the damage caused, especially if it get into our food chain?  And will the people of the United States allow the hundred new proposed nuclear reactors for the United States to be built and subsidized with $58 billion of their tax dollars?

I do not claim to be an expert in nuclear power plants.  This scenario I put forth is just a theory, but considering the outrageous and unrealistic assumptions being put forth by the so called experts, I do not think that the theory we have come up with is any less plausible; especially considering the fact that hour by hour they seem to be feeding us a little more truth as if gradually preparing us for the inevitable. 

The propagandists need to realize that at a certain point common sense kicks in and that the spins they are putting forth can serve no positive purpose.  I think our government and our military have a real good idea as to what is about to happen to us and are keeping it to themselves as they feel they have some innate right to control us in the midst of an uncontrollable situation.

So I say, “Come on government, let us have the best information you have.  And if you do not intend to take measures to protect us, at least for God’s sake let us know what we can do to protect ourselves.”  Or maybe there is nothing we can do.  If that is the case I say, “We are adults and we have the right to know where we stand.”

God bring us the truth.

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  1. Rick – You are spot on with your analysis of the situation as of present. If anyone (including those highly educated and well versed in this specialized field) knows anything at all with any degree of certainty it is that they know nothing at all and can only form an opinion based on, at best, an educated guess due to the variables and unknowns that account for x amount of the equation. In short, there is absolutely no certain model based upon an absolute known in exisitence with regard to the variable conditions (respective to the present situation) that would provide an absolute and definite outcome. In the fianl analysis, as you say, we just don’t know. Perhaps to error on the side of caution is the better tack to take. Unfortunately, the objective by the leadership of calming the masses is priority one so it will basically boil down to the individual to take the measures he or she deems necessary to protect their well being. To those in the media that masquerade behind the facade of knowing it all based on nothing at all but conjecture, as this event is unprecedented and unique in its own right, go home and take your medication and come back later. A dose of mothers little helper may provide the pathway for returnig to earth.

  2. Radiation has already been detected at major airports from passengers returning to America from Japan


    Thanks to the incompetence of building reactors on fault lines directly on the coast, we have screwed the pooch. We are in big trouble people, maybe not right away but this stuff injested will kill over time. No reason the sugar coat anything here, these are real facts. Airplanes all over America are landing contaminated with radiation from Japan.

    Anybody who thinks that America is free of any danger is nuts.

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