Nuclear Meltdowns in Japan Unnecessary

As suspected the nuclear catastrophe in Japan is turning out to be a lot worse than originally reported.  There are now four reactors on their way to meltdown and though there is endless speculation as to what the effects will be literally on the world, the fact is all even the experts can do is speculate as nothing of this magnitude has ever happened before. 

Of course the nuclear energy companies had their mouthpieces front and center again yesterday.  However they quickly disappeared again after a couple of incidents wherein they were claiming the reactors were stable at the same time they were blowing up in the film footage being projected behind them.

Germany has shut down several of their nuclear power plants and France is doing mass inspection of their own plants in reaction to the ongoing crisis.

America’s Energy Secretary said that the American people should trust those building and maintaining nuclear power plants in the United States.  Personally I find it a little hard to trust any company that would build nuclear power plants on a fault line, like those in California.

I spent the last day looking at alternative forms of energy and their feasibility. What I have found can only be described as a deliberate act of sabotage upon the peoples of the world. 

Have you ever wondered why advances in alternative energy production seemed to stop after oil became the order of the day?  The truth is there have been countless inventions over the past fifty years that could have eliminated our need for nuclear reactors and fossil fuels completely.

Clean cold fusion is a fact, not a theory.  Perpetual motion generators using magnets are a fact.  Taking electricity from the air around us is a fact.  Highly advanced batteries that could run our cars without any need for gasoline are a fact.  And these are just a few. 

The problem is whenever an inventor comes up with a source of free energy, either his lab is blown up, he is murdered, or this hypocritical government, that claims to support free enterprise and free trade, places him under a gag order, or in the last case the oil companies buy up the patents and refuse to let the technology be released.

Just the same old story; a handful of self-righteous international power brokers are keeping the rest of us from a better life for no other reason than to feed their greed.  All owners and CEOs of every nuclear and oil company on this planet should be rounded up and tried for genocide. 

It would be no problem to prove the millions of deaths they knowingly cause each year through the use of their poison products.  It would also be no problem to prove that they had alternatives at their fingertips when they decided that their power and control over their fellow man is more important to them than human life.

If you would like to see how unnecessary these nuclear power plants are in Japan that have already killed people there and will no doubt end up killing scores more all over the world, read this.

Watch this video and you will see a cool alternate form of energy.  Thanks Robert Tucker.

God, enlighten the people of this planet so that they might set themselves free.

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