99ers HR 589 Supporters, Take a Stand Now

So far $46 million has been donated by American citizens for relief in Japan.  $1.3 billion was donated for the Haitian disaster and $5.3 billion went to the Gulf Coast after hurricane Katrina, marking a sharp decline in American generosity.  And what is causing that decline?  Well it is a fact that most charitable donations in the United States come from our middle class, as the rich do not care in reference to misery and suffering.  That being the case as our middle class continues the shrink, so does our ability and willingness to help others.

If you think about it, if each billionaire just gave five million dollars to charity, suffering around the world could be, at minimum, reduced to the point that starvation would not be an issue.  But we need to understand that the rich elite, not only applaud starvation, but are working toward a 90% world population reduction.

Human life on this planet has actually become to the elite a detriment to their accumulation of wealth.  And we 99ers wonder why we are being ignored and identified as unnecessary and in the way.  If you look at the present situation with the nuclear crisis in Japan, are the elite worried about the people there who will die a slow miserable death from radiation poisoning?  No they are not. 

Their main concern is losing the profits they are intent on in building a hundred more reactors in the United States.  And of course the $58 billion in loan guarantees from the U.S. government to aid them in their venture.  So there is another $58 billion more going to billionaires. 

$58 billion would not only pay for HR 589, but would also finance a 26 week Tier 5 extension.  These bastards are treating us like dirt in our own country and expecting us to pay them to do so. 

We 99ers have got to step forth and assert ourselves.  I feel like I’ve made that statement so many times that it is beginning to lose its luster.  God damn it, either we stand up and fight or admit to ourselves that we are a bunch of spineless worms and deserve to be living in the streets and eating out of dumpsters. 

It is time to fight.  The Easter Project can cause an effect.  People coming out on the streets on April 2nd can have an effect.  But for Christ’s sake we have to get off of our dead asses and do it, as no one is going to do it for us. 

We have got to remember who we are.   We are Americans and our forefathers conquered this continent.  We cannot just throw it away because to keep it involves a fight that might be a little dangerous.  If we do throw it away we spit in the faces of those who gave their lives to acquire it for us.  And I promise you our grandchildren will piss on our graves and curse us as cowards.  It is time to make a stand.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. I want to know if anyone has a list of places where this project is taking place. I live in Hazleton, Pa and I would love to get involved.

  2. I was watching msnbc last night and all they were worried about was the dam profits they made so far this year.These bastards need to be hung out back and crucified. The way that greed is controlling this country is discusting.I can t even express how dam mad all of this makes me! Sometimes I just have to walk away and go out side and work in the yard so I don t have a heart attack.These bastards need to be held accountable for the things they cause put a noose on the corner of wall street with a sighn saying your next!

  3. Tis a grand day for the Irish, though not if you’re a 99er. America use to stand for free enterprise, opportunities and much, much more. Now it stands for the greedy culprits on Wall Street. These low life greedy snakes take every penny they could get their hands on in a weasel type crooked way and get away with it! These BMW, MERCEDES BENZ, LEAR JET idiots are the reason this country has fallen. They get themselves in financial trouble and they have the nerve to ask our government for money to bail them out! Okay we all heard this before, though everytime I think about it….. it makes me mad as hell! We are the people (99ers) who make this country, not these slick crooked trolls who steal from you and me. We are one nation under God and the more I hear that phrase, the more it gets me sick! We have become one nation under greed and it has to stop today! This country use to stand for opportunities for all, but now it stands for opportunities for the rich! There is no more Democracy in this country. There is Republican and Repdemocrat!
    We have been bought out and pushed aside. Fight my fellow 99ers. We might not be proud to be a 99er, but we will be proud to be a American again if we win this fight! By the way I’m a professional engineer in my 50’s. I have 30 years + experience and a degree that means more than the two bit degrees they give out now a days. I send out resumes everyday and it is always the same old story, not hiring or we are looking for someone with less experience or your over qualified. Over qualified! Less experience! This country has gone bonkers

  4. Seems like everyone here is on the same page as far as what’s really going on in this country, we need to get a poll established as to who is actually working for us and who is committing treason! I wouldn’t even treat a dying dog this way.

  5. I agree with you Henry. I’m ready to do anything. I am also discouraged — not to the point of not fighting but I can’t help but be shocked at the hundreds of thousands of protestors in Michigan who have been so strong and held their ground and still the f###king government pulled a fast one and got away with it. I am not a violent person but I feel like I could be now. I think we will be recognized for our easter project but will it be enough? We need some money so we can really do something and do it daily. I haven’t been able to post much because my computer is messed up. It keeps freezing up and telling me I have connection problems (even on this site). Once I post this it will give me an error and I will have to shut down. I am going to get someone out here Monday if I have the money to fix it. Great article, Henry. My prayers are with you all.

  6. Looks like the U.S. does have the money… they obviously find it when all these other countries have disasters. Now, Japan. Does anyone remember what happened in Pearl Harbor and all of the bloodshed.. and ALL of the malice behind it? I guess that’s all forgotten now. This gov’t should be ashamed that they absolutely throw to countries that absolutely hate us, meanwhile turning their backs on the American citizens. We are losing so much because we HAD things to lose, and why did we have things to begin with??? Because we have been working all of our lives to accumulate these things.. homes, cars, food on the table, etc. We paid into this when we were working. It’s not our faults that foreigners are being allowed to take our jobs and these companies are inviting this. Why isn’t the welfare program on the chopping block? Do these folks sit on the edge of their seats worrying HOW they are going to pay for their next meal? I highly doubt it. There is so much blatant injustice and I blame our own “leaders”. No one has a backbone or a constitution for doing the right thing.

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