Jerry Brown: Exec Amnesty Opponents ‘Un-Christian’


California Governor Jerry Brown (D) has accused Americans opposed to President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty for illegal immigrants of being “un-Christian.”

Brown, who has declared that all illegal immigrants from Mexico are “welcome” in California, made his remarks after a White House meeting on Friday while discussing the lawsuit that a majority of the states filed against Obama’s executive amnesty.  

“They are taking a stand against a very large group of people who tens of millions of Americans identify with and sympathize with,” he reportedly said, according to the Huffington Post. “I would say the Republican position at best is troglodyte and at worst un-Christian.”

Brown, who recently declared that “California stands firmly with the White House” against the lawsuit, blasted Republican governors who joined the lawsuit against Obama’s executive amnesty.

The Obama administration halted its executive amnesty program after a federal judge issued a temporary injunction against it. The Obama administration this week asked the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn that injunction.

Multiple polls have found that a majority of Americans oppose Obama’s executive amnesty–55% opposed it in the most recent Quinnipiac poll.

As Breitbart News has noted, “nearly a million illegal immigrants in California may ultimately be eligible for executive amnesty,” and the “California Legislative Analyst’s Office, the non-partisan group that advises state lawmakers on fiscal and policy issues,” warned lawmakers that Obama’s executive amnesty would strain the state’s budget if implemented since “amnesty recipients would be eligible for Medi-Cal and cash assistance programs for legal immigrants.”

“The benefits received by undocumented immigrants through these programs are almost entirely funded by the state and would therefore result in additional General Fund costs of an unknown amount,” the Legislative Analyst’s Office concluded. “The General Fund costs to provide state–funded benefits to this population are unknown at this time.”

Brown has taken every opportunity to tout what he has done for illegal immigrants since again becoming governor. His office never misses an opportunity to note that “Brown has ushered in the California DREAM Act, granted illegal immigrants driver’s licenses, and provided legal services to unaccompanied illegal immigrant juveniles arriving from Central America.”


7 thoughts on “Jerry Brown: Exec Amnesty Opponents ‘Un-Christian’

  1. Governor Moonbeam just doesn’t get it! First of all, it is illegal to rule by executive decree! This is tantamount to dictatorship.
    Also, the governor doesn’t seem to understand that the people of California don’t want to deal with the additional costs and problems presented by unfettered and free immigration!

  2. I am a Christian, and over a decade ago I fought for a new system that would allow people in Mexico to come here with a visa that didnt take 3 years to get approved. I fought for the U.S. government to put pressure on the leaders in Mexico to do a better job. Mexico is a great place for tourism, natural resources, agriculture, etc…There is no reason why mexicans would want to come to the U.S. except to get away from the mexican oligarchs, drug trafficking etc.
    I also worked with the blacks in Englewood California, and you would not believe how the city was getting cleaned up…Until the illegal mexican drug cartels came in and ruined it all.
    jery brown can rot in hell.

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