Joe Biden Vows ‘To Be The First In’ During Any North Korea Nuke Strike

Suckers on Parade

With the possibility of North Korea escalating on the threat of a nuclear attack against US bases and possibly Hawaii or the west coast of the US mainland, Joe Biden reassured Democrats during a recent California speech that he’ll personally take the fight to the enemy.’  “I’ll get myself on a B-52 and drop the damn thing myself if that fat little pinko chink bastard Kim tries anything funny.”

Again, Biden claims it’s all a show and the North Koreans go through this each spring when food and fuel supplies have dwindled over a long winter.  

“These commie clowns are just looking to stir stuff up and are trying to get a few handouts from folks like us, ” said Biden as he tried to ease the tension among west coast supporters who find themselves in the eye of the storm for the first time since WW II.

Biden supporters cautioned California voters to hang tough and possibly dig a few really deep holes in their backyards just in case and mentioned that the Vice President probably won’t be visiting again for awhile.

In Washington, the President’s inner-circle have prepared a proposal that would give the North Korean regime EBT cards, or as they’re more commonly know as..Food Stamps, to ease the annual shortages of food and other household staples. According to Valarie Jarrett, the President’s most trusted adviser  “Look those people over there are real skinny and not much over 5’6″…So really, how much can they possibly eat anyway? Besides, we have half the world’s fat people on EBT and WIC cards now so, what’s a few more skinny ones?”

The Vice President’s staff say Biden is being realistic about fighting for our country and in fact, has taken the afternoon off to participate in a one-on-one Kung Foo class just in case the B-52 gets shot down or crashes.

7 thoughts on “Joe Biden Vows ‘To Be The First In’ During Any North Korea Nuke Strike

  1. WOW !!! If I spoke that way I’d be arrested for “hate speech” !!!!
    OR, is this just part of the “game” to ratchet up this War against China for starting a new world bank (BRICS) ??
    Either way, this is TOTALLY disgusting. And THIS is our Vice President ???

  2. Biden the Walking Excrement!

    He knows very well, that bombing N.Korea, against the Korean President, means, innocent people will be obliterated!

    Not to mention that additional nuclear particles will be dispersed all over the rest of the Planet, to also destroy Wildlife and trees and otehr plants.
    Whatever is not being destroyed by Fukushima, that is. I could think of another word for that “nukular” plant.

    Why the Jpnse ever went for nuclear energy is beyond me, after what happened to them! ANd that other “walking Excrement” Barabra Judge went over there to encourage the a-hole Japanese to continue with the Fuckushima, and to continue poisoning their own children, and food.

  3. I expect some lash back from the Chinese community for referring to a Korean as a chink. Where does a world leader get off calling some other national a racial slur, and an incorrect one at that?. I guess he thinks he’s above that, like so many of the other things this administration has done so far. And as for being on a B-52, didn’t Gadaffy do the same thing in a boat?. He’ll be the first one in the bunker if TSHF. What a joke.


    Come on you guys, you can’t seriously tell me you fell for THAT banana in the tailpipe!

    I thought it was more than obvious this piece is pure satire. 🙂

  5. Jesus christ, how f#@king embarassing. This is the best (or even top ten best) we could do for a vice president?

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