OH Drug warrior police chief Mike Berkemeier says he ate entire cake laced with pot by mistake

Laurelville Police Chief Mike Berkemeier: "I thought I was dying" [nbc4i]Reihl World News – by Dan

OK, you can’t make this up. This via AP today:

Laurelville Chief Mike Berkemeier says he fell ill after eating the cake a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. He says he drove a few blocks to the police station, where medics took him for medical testing.  

The Logan Daily News reports Berkemeier was hospitalized for more than a day. While there, a phone call with his daughter revealed the cake had been laced with an oil form of the psychoactive chemical component that causes a high from marijuana.

via Ohio police chief says he ate cake laced with pot.

Meanwhile, this story is still kicking around from just a day or two ago. I smell a rat! Or, maybe it’s Reefer Madness!! Bonus – video report on his recovering from eating the whole pot-laced cake.

A political battle is brewing in Laurelville, where some residents say they think the newpolice chief is being too aggressive in his efforts to fight crime.

Last year, Police Chief Mike Berkemeier pledged to clean up the town, and he’s done that by making drug raids and issuing more speeding tickets.

But some residents and city council members fear he’s scaring away business with his aggressive tactics.

Until last summer, Laurelville only had a handful of police officers. Now, counting auxiliary, part-time, and special time officers, there are 17.

“Since I’ve been here, I’ve found that there were several individuals that were, that have lived here a long time and have been able to … get away with whatever they wanted to do,” Berkemeier said.

Last month, Laurelville police conducted a fairly sizable drug raid, but it’s what Berkemeier is doing with patrol officers that has some residents saying he’s going too far.

Before he took office last year, the department’s officers wrote between five and ten traffic citations per month. Last month alone, officers wrote 44 citations and stopped nearly 60 vehicles.


14 thoughts on “OH Drug warrior police chief Mike Berkemeier says he ate entire cake laced with pot by mistake

  1. LOL HaHaHa. Good one #1. I guess that he knows that his daughter is a pot head or if not he knows what kind of people his daughter associates with. Yea, he should get sick piggin` down a whole cake. Ya know that he should have been arrested for self addmittingly driving under the influence of a controlled substance – after all he did say that he didn`t even remember driving to the police station. And he is the Drug Warrior chief of police?, yea right, he just caught.

  2. I can’t believe he ate the whole cake. The more he ate the more he ate!
    A case of almost terminal munchies! BWAHAHAHAH!!!!

    1. Yes Benny but if he did that it would make the ” drug warrior cop” look bad. Ya know cops could never do that to his own family or friends don`t ya know. In fact as they like to say – they enforce the law, not break the law, yea right It seems to me he also broke the law by driving to the police station and didn`t remember a thing as he said. He was a intoxicated driver and should have been arrested. He should have stayed at home and called a ambulance or had a designated driver drive him in stead of putting innocent peoples lives in jeapordy like they always say that every one else does that drives intoxicated. He should`ve called a cab LOL

  3. Throw the book at him. Maximum sentence, life without parole preferred. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. And toss his kid in jail for a few decades too.

  4. How does a town of 527 people require and pay for 17 cops? That’s about eight times as many cops/residents than NYC.

    1. not only that LSA but in most small towns of that size every one usualy knows exactly what everyone else is about and what they are doing. This cop is a fraud and needs to go to jail/prison on a felony and so also his kids that knew about this. What goes around comes around and this is just another example of a cop with a drug using family. The facts speak for its self.

  5. this is an example of how physically and psychologically screwed up people in authority are, when something happens to them that makes them feel real good they think something is wrong and go to the hospital or like that one cop who calls 911 because he thought he overdosed on pot.

  6. Figuratively AND literally speaking, this guy’s a total pig.

    He deserved to get sick from eating an ENTIRE cake, regardless of whether or not it was laced.

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