One thought on “John Adams

  1. John Adams openly wanted to be a King.
    Most people of the time hated that parchment called the Constitution.
    Rhode Island put the vote to the people and it was soundly defeated.
    Most others States passed it though committees and not open vote.
    Still it could not be passed without a promise of a ‘Bill of Rights”.
    The Constitution was nearly a carbon copy of the British Constitution.
    Yes. Briton has and did have a Constitution. The Convention was comprised of Lawyers and Bankers. Only 2 or 3 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were at the CC. Read the writings of Lysander Spooner and
    A book called ‘American Aurora’. The Aurora was a paper in Philadelphia during the time of the Adams administration. Adams used his executive power to destroy the owner of that paper, and attack his other political enemies. He was acting a lot like O’bozo.

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