Joy Behar: “Jews Did NOT Own Black Slaves”, Free Speech, & Censorship

Published on Oct 22, 2018

A couple notes on this clip: 1. Jews did indeed own slaves, along with most other civilizations/societies/religions on the planet. In addition, they were heavily involved with the slave trade in the Americas. All of this is heavily documented.

2. The rhetoric in this video is concerning to say the least: set the table more and more to take away free speech. The braindead Goyim, watching this dribble, naturally will think this is a great idea.

“The View’s #JoyBehar recently denounced #LouisFarrakhan for referring to Jews as ‘termites’ and went on to declare that Jews did NOT own Black slaves – a direct challenge to the claims contained in #Farrakhan‘s 1991 publication ‘The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews’ that asserts that Jews dominated the Atlantic slave trade.”

6 thoughts on “Joy Behar: “Jews Did NOT Own Black Slaves”, Free Speech, & Censorship

  1. Boy oh boy the seals in her show would buy anything clap louder . I wonder before she tells lies does she set around telling herself the lies till she buys her own bullshit

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