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  1. Well, I’d say this is cause for the Canadians to revolt. Perhaps with their few awake and willing mixed with our few awake and willing we can clean these places out!

    This quote is ALARMING!

    1. Katie, this statement by commie joo trudeau is right in line with the sentiments toward white slaves back as far as well as long as there were joos…..I am reading the book by Michael Hoffman ‘They Were White and They Were Slaves…’ imo should be required reading for every American National longing for truth….OUR history is long overdue to come to light…. https://www.revisionisthistory.org/

      1. Thank you for reading that!–from someone almost certainlt descended from one or more white slaves (since I am Irish & Scots Irish).

        1. oh DL…horrific….sending babies (as young as 4) up the flue as human chimney sweeps….not finished yet but damn it we have to know this history!

  2. Guess what, @sswipe.

    You’re in a TINY MINORITY that the masses will rise up and squash like the cockroaches & leeches that you are.

    jewb#tch TRASH!!!

      1. Glad to be back, mary… new charge cord for my computer came yesterday.

        Hopefully it’ll last longer than the 2 months the last new one pitifully managed to do.

      1. Yeah, sad isn’t it?

        Opiods….drugs…Our people have been dragged down to the depths of hell.

        Do you realize the millions addicted? Crazy!

          1. Then they apply for a job and can’t pass the piss test.

            Comes right out of Satans handbook on how to control a nation.

            The corporations that do the testing? $BILLIONS

  3. If “the very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to him”, then why the hell did he want the job in the first place?

    Aha….. he was installed by the Zionists to help bring the country down.

    Drag him down here, and after he’s tried in a common law court, I’ll volunteer to rip his face off of his head before he’s hanged.

  4. I guess he had all of his mirrors removed…because when it comes to guilt trips scions of the criminal psycho elites never truly feel guilty (wasn’t his father a former Canadian PM?),,in fact they never feel anything…

    1. This was a riveting interview with M. Hoffman, I recommend it highly.
      At least listen from the 1:14 mark to the end.

      Mary, thanks for introducing Hoffman to me.

      1. ?

        I’ve been touting Hoffman on this site for years, Katie, and this book (They Were White…) in particular.

        Hoffman is hands-down one of the top researchers out there on the subject of the stinking jews (along with Texe Marrs). His book ‘Judaism’s Strange gods’ should be required reading for EVERY CHRISTIAN ON THE ENTIRE PLANET.

        That would put a screeching halt to those STUPID ZIONIST ‘CHRISTIANS’ in a heartbeat.

        1. #1, well then let me pay credit where it is due and that would be to you. Can’t leave Mary out though because obviously I missed your ranting about Hoffman’s work and her post finally woke me up.
          Thank you and sorry for being a dolt. 🙂

          1. “… sorry for being a dolt.”

            Katie, I’m only here to educate others, not to belittle or denigrate (except those that deserve it). I’ve talked about Hoffman numerous times, I was just a bit surprised you hadn’t caught any of my comments on him.

          2. Sorry for offending you, Katie.

            In the future, I will refrain from any offhand conversation with you, and will only answer direct questions… if you have any. 🙂

          3. Whoa #1, I was NOT offended at all and am not sure why you suspected this.

            I meant what I said in regard to having not taken note of the posts that you had made concerning Hoffman’s work. I wish I had because I’d be that much further in my education as to the truth on the subjects he covers.

            The dolt comment was not directed at you in anyway as in you were calling me a dolt. I called myself the dolt in this case because it’s true.

            No hard feelings here at all and NO offense either.

            It’s all good. 🙂

          4. “The dolt comment was not directed at you…”

            I understood that, Katie.

            It wasn’t so much the wording, but the tone of the comment that perplexed me. I realize that some tend to think of me as trying to be a know-it-all, but I really don’t intentionally try to come off that way. I merely speak the truth about EVERYTHING, and not everyone appreciates that. It’s what alienated all my friends (EXCEPT my Christian ones) in CA, but you know what? IT WAS WORTH IT! I really don’t care to have any friends who aren’t interested in 100% of the TRUTH, 100% of the time. I’d just as soon be a hermit (damn near am now), if it came to that.

            That said, no worries… we’re good. 🙂

          5. #1, I don’t THINK you’re a know it all. I KNOW you’re a know it all in those things that you do know and freely impart here. 🙂

            Also, I hear you in the not wanting to have friends, if they can be called that, that don’t want ONLY the truth.

          6. “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”
            Mal Pancoast

            “The only people who are mad at you for speaking the truth are those people who are living a lie. Keep speaking the truth.”

            Couldn’t find the one I was looking for, but this caught my attention, Katie…

            “Never underestimate a woman’s ability to find out the truth.”

            Ain’t THAT the truth! 🙄

          7. 🙂

            The one I’m really looking for I can’t seem to find on the internet. I have it written down somewhere, so I’ll post it in a comment to you when I find it, Katie. It’s my favorite, but my memory sucks these days, so not only can I not remember it, I can’t even remember the author’s name (which would make it simple to find).

            Happy New Year. 🙂

        2. ” I realize that some tend to think of me as trying to be a know-it-all,”
          I don’t think this, #1.
          I’ve learned quite bit because of you!
          Also, I’ve learned that you know a lot of the same as I do!
          Just thought you might like to know.
          Thank you.

          1. Thank you, Hal.

            Truth be told, my ONLY goal since first waking up has been to bring others to the same level of awareness that I’m at, concerning the dilemma we’re currently faced with.

            Thankfully, I have had some success in doing so, albeit limited mostly to the internet crowd… not nearly as much on a personal one-on-one basis, however.

          2. “not nearly as much on a personal one-on-one basis, however.”
            Sadly, the same here! It seems my fuse is becoming shorter towards complacency!
            Anyhow, happy new war for independence, brother.

          3. “not nearly as much on a personal one-on-one basis, however.”
            Sadly, the same here! It seems my fuse is becoming shorter towards complacency!
            Anyhow, blessings, and happy new war for independence, brother.
            (While I try to find another mouse for this computer, before I smash this one to bits, and toss it into the rocket mass wood heater!)

          4. LOL… my mouse quit on me a couple months ago, Hal. Been using the mousepad on the computer.

            It’s just o.k., but I can’t use it for the couple of the video games I have (that’s ALL the video games I have, for distraction occasionally).

            Have a good day, brother, see you next year. They just sold out of donuts here, so I’m done for today.

      1. I’ve been over to his site looking @ his books and would like to support him.
        I’m listening to the RedIce interview that is posted above. Very interesting.
        He is speaking of Charles Dickens, wow, I like Dickens even more now.

  5. The Toronto Star reported this outrageous quote in September 2015. The election was held October 19th 2015 a month LATER…so the people who elected him must have or should have known aye?

        1. Ha!! And thanks, Mary, you gave me some other ideas for matches that might prove interesting. Let’s see? How about:



          John McCain/Sheila Jackson Lee

          Larry Silverson/Al Sharpton

          Paul Ryan/HoneyBooBoo

          Barak Obama/Michelle Obama


          Kevin Spacey/Chewbacca

          Pastor John Hagee/Anton LaVey


          And finally, the match of matches:

          Henry Shivley/Bibi Netanyahu (Sorry, couldn’t resist)



          1. Henry Shivley/Bibi Netanyahu (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

            I’d pay for everyones admission to see this match.

            Admission would be very inexpensive due to Henry’s one slap to bibi being knocked into a semi coma state unable to continue the rest of the rounds.

            Oh the mental image, sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. funny, galen!………Henry could have one hand tied behind his back and take out bibi with a bitch slap hahaha…..bet bibi wears a diaper

          3. Personally, I’d rather see you fine American women put some slap to that nose rag, Nut & Yahoo! 🙂

          4. God, the shekels I would pay to see Mr. Shivley beat some American into that worm! After that I would force feed viagara into the gay Harlem Globetrotters and let them have at that little kike bastard. Given of course, that bibi was opposed to it.

  6. Thank you, Katie and Angel. I hope I get songs all weekend. Music really is medicine. And Katie, that song was so you: “I won’t take the easy road.” I see you do that everyday. Great song, and filled my request in spades. Music is medicine.



    1. Music IS medicine. That’s what I’ve been doing for Hubby since Christmas Eve…playing the CD that he recorded with his old buddies for me when he was wooing me (it melted my heart…any guy that would do that for me, I had to give the time of day…lol)…playing his favorite songs, musicians… Trying anything I can to get him to open his eyes. Next, I’m going to play a song he really Hates. It’s the song they blasted first thing every morning to wake them up when he was in Army…”The Eye Of The Tiger” He absolutely detests that song. LOL

    2. Galen, the ELHarris vid. got me jumping around youtube last night listening to music. Good for the soul sometimes to loose oneself in music, as you said, medicine. I watched a live concert of Joan Baez when she’s older. Her voice in this vid. was still so stirring.

    3. Galen, I’d never heard of L. Wainwright. Like he said in his song” One Man Guy” is pretty selfish. After having listened to the Redice interview with M. Hoffman, posted above, the guy Mary introduced us to, regarding white slavery is our true history.
      Hoffman discussed the white race is not producing as many children as the foreigners overtaking places and that this was a problem as we know. So I don’t know if Wainwright is married w/ children, but if not, he may want to rethink his message or he may not exist much longer.

      1. Been readin’ Hoffman for years. Quite on the front-lines.

        My take on Wainwright’s song is that he is really just highlighting his aloneness. I like his songwriting, underground as it might be.



  7. Dear Mr. Effin Traitor,
    Kiss my Irish, Prussian, Greek ass!
    May a day come soon that you feel the cold from ear to ear!

    An American National

  8. This quote exemplifies the scourge of mental illness afflicting the internment camp that planet earth has become. By his own words he is asking to be replaced, perhaps a motivated group of our fellow inmates to the north will oblige this deranged reprobate.

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