5 thoughts on “Keep It Simple

  1. You ask, “Ya with me?” Well, if not in body, then certainly in spirit. And if, in time, it be necessary to show up with my physical self, may I have the wherewithal to be at your side. The virtual front-lines can only hold so long, unless of course we are granted a miracle. Uh-oh, here comes a poem:

    Decency, where is your blessing?
    Stolen by a Bill of Wrongs
    It sleeps awaiting reemergence
    Sleeps among the suffering throngs
    It knows it was pushed against the wall
    Yet readies to fight all good fights
    A restless captive, it stirs, breaks chains
    On rising free it sets it sights
    Pushing back the dark oppressor
    The heavy hand it grabs and bites
    There amongst The Mighty Ten
    Lives Decency, our Bill of Rights



  2. No accident that there are exactly 10 ‘commandments’ on the Georgia Guidestones.

    One of the very first things I discovered when I finally woke up.

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