Killing of Pennsylvania Trooper by Fugitive Eric Fein is a Hoax


Can anyone believe it with all the other hoaxes that are occurring that there is really a cop killing fugitive, named Eric Fein, on the loose? Moreover, it is advertised with billboards, just like the Christopher Dorner hoax? Who finds any of this believable? As this is assessed it appears that there i a pattern which is used as a basis for such hoax. One such pattern is the lone shooter who is also a “survivalist” who escapes into the woods. He will live off the land, and will gun down any government agent that comes anywhere near him. He is armed and dangerous, and the whole world is on the lookout for him.  

The State Police, local police, ATF, FBI, and more are all out looking for him. Yet, he eludes them for countless days, until he is either captured or, perhaps, shoots himself: or is killed in a shootout.

This is the platform for the hoax. The same pattern is used repeatedly.

In the Dorner hoax billboards were extensively used. It is a psychological operation against the people. It’s the same platform, all coordinated and orchestrated by hedonistic, terminally corrupt arch-Zionist Jews. In this regard the fake shooting attributed to Fein is nothing more than a gun-grab by these same Zionists.

The purported killer, Eric Frein, is a Zionist Jew. Does that give credibility to anything other than the fact that it is a terminal, treacherous Zionist hoax?

FBI Most-Wanted Fugitive Eric Frein Captured Alive

According to the arch-Zionist-controlled New York Daily News:

A witness saw the man in all black Friday, and police believe it was the 31-year-old alleged cop killer. He wasclose to his former high school and carried a rifle, police said. Frein, accused of fatally shooting a state trooper during an attack on police barracks, has been on the lam ever since the Sept. 12 ambush.

Sure it was. Sure; on the day after Sept. 11 he shoots up a police barracks, killing one trooper. Later, he dresses in black and starts loitering around his old high school. It’s lock-down time; there’s another crazed shooter on the loose near a school.

To incite even greater fear yet another Zionist mole, Frein’s father, had this to say:

Frein is a skilled marksman who “doesn’t miss,” his dad said shortly after the shooting.

Is his father bragging, is he proud that he ‘killed’ and ‘wounded’ two state troopers? Why would anyone publish such a statement considering the ill effects this might have on the hearts and minds of the victims’ families in this case?

Supposedly and incredibly, state troopers from “five states” were on the look-out for this fake assassin.

Does anyone really believe that this Serbian Zionist shot anyone? He’s a fake, just like all the other arch-Zionist criminal elements who are involved in such fabricated shootings.

Moreover, here it is, the Eastern European Jew now turned survivalist, who has the State Troopers in five states in disarray. It is to such a degree that they had to all in reinforcements: agents of the FED such as the great deceivers of the ATF.

He was finally captured, but not until after 48 days. Now, notice what is seen. T

Drizzling on both sides with some moulage applied to the left bridge of the nose. Where is the evidence for injury? Where is the abrasion or scatch? There is no evidence for any kind of penetrating wound.


He was drizzled with applied moulage before the camera-op. He did not get into a scuffle with the police. He is one of them, that is a collaborator. Why would they beat him?


The man has no obvious wounds.

The funeral, too, is hard proof of the degree of fabrication. Why turn the shooting death of a single State Trooper into a media circus as well a an arch-political event? Why turn it into an attempt to gain momentum for gun control, specifically controls aimed at long guns such as the AR series? Why go after AK-47s specifically unless it was a gun control scam?


Does anyone, here, look like they are grieving the loss of a loved, especially someone gunned down in cold blood? Could there be a more dire loss than this? Surely, some one would be in shock at such a senseless loss, and with all the pomp and display, here, someone would be visibly saddened.

Someone would shed tears. Then, why are all eyes in this event dry? None of the actions of Ms. Dickson give an inclination to believe this as real.


For Tiffany Dickson, et al, it appears to be not a funeral procession but, rather, a parade. How could all this be arranged so spontaneously after the death of a State Trooper? Moreover, does the State Police Department have the resources to pay for all such glory and pomp?


How could anyone believe that this degree of display would occur from a single State Trooper killed in the line of duty. It has never occurred before in all history. Why now?


What grandiose pomp and arrogant buffoonery it is, the Illuminati and Masonic clique are clearly in high gear for this terminal fraud.


It’s an arch-Zionist hoax. No one died, and no one was injured, purely fake. Eric Frein is merely a crisis actor under the employ of terminally corrupt, wretched Zionist cabal. For significant pay he played this role. Massive amounts of money were spent to give the hoax traction.

The funeral was staged. There was no corpse in the casket. Let anyone contest it. Hoax index: one billion percent.


18 thoughts on “Killing of Pennsylvania Trooper by Fugitive Eric Fein is a Hoax

  1. With all the stuff that the federal and state government has, it took them a very long time to find him. The truth be known, he gave himself up.

  2. It sounds to me like the author is grasping at straws to call this a hoax, and if you go to the original website, you’ll see they’re providing the LEAST credible evidence regarding 9-11 (no planes) and the Boston marathon bombing.

    It’s a little early for me to make accusations at this point (they may just be idiots), but I’m getting the feeling that “” is complete disinfo, and the propagandists may be replacing the traditional “conspiracy theorist” with a “hoaxist” character who disbelieves everything. That angle would suit them perfectly right now, because too many of their hoaxes are being exposed, and the “conspiracy theorist” label is losing its effect. (look for more organic events being labeled “hoaxes” on shaky grounds, and that will confirm this new trend in propaganda)

    They have a lot riding on the Ebola hoax, and it’s quickly being exposed as such, so a host of silly hoaxes right now would make the official Ebola claims seem more credible.

    If Eric Fein is in fact a Zionist Jew, that would lend a little credibility to the author’s claims, but this article only causes me to question the author rather than the official story.

    “The man has no obvious wounds.”
    In the orange jump suit shot, he seems to have a swollen right cheek, and that would be consistent with what looks like a blow to his nose, which is also predominantly on the right side of his face. The police knew he would be paraded in front of cameras, and they may have avoided beating him very badly for that reason.

  3. Don’t worry, the truth will come out.

    Why change the fellow into a jumpsuit but not bandage him?

    Why is he clean shaven?

    I agree this initial peace is a tad shoddy and lacks evidence. Don’t worry, more evidence-of-hoax info will come out, and nodisinfo will nail it to the wall. Videos of the “grievers” will come out showing their fakery, etc., or that they participated in other hoaxes.

    Please don’t knock without a better perusal of their work.

    By “no planes” am I to surmise that you endorse or accept the no-planes theory?


    1. No…. the “no planes” theory was invented to make the 9-11 truth movement look like idiots.

      It was invented by Gerard Holmgren and Nico Haupt back in 2004, and it prevented Nico from being deported.

      If there’s more proof that this Eric Fein debacle is a hoax I’d love to see it, and I’ll agree that it’s possible, but it’s certainly not presented in this article.

      Why change the fellow into a jumpsuit but not bandage him? Why is he clean shaven?

      Can the jump suit and shave be standard procedure for the jail he was taken to? It doesn’t look to me like he needs any bandages. He’s not bleeding.

  4. I agree JR, but darkwing, I guarantee you that if Frein is for real, he would not give himself up…He knows what is awaiting him, and he would take out as many as he could before being killed himself…Let me ask you, being an outdoor survivalist, would you be taken alive to live a life of hell in a 6×6 cell for the rest of your life? I wouldnt last a month in their nazi jails, being tortured etc.
    If frien is for real, he knows this also, and no way he would be taken alive…If frien is for real, he would have been hundreds of miles away by now. I suppose I could look it up, but where he was supposedly caught, how far was it from the original shooting? He would have walked 20 miles a day easy. Anyone knows to just keep walking, there is nothing else to do.
    ten days would be 200 miles, so he could have walked to another state by now. Either frein is an idiot survivalist, or this was all a hoax…

  5. please dont get on the no planes theory…I have researched it to death and nobody really knows, altho I do lean towards the no plane theory…Rivero had an article on his website with proof there was a plane, but every link I clicked on did not work. The witnesses did not exist..I am not going to go one way or the other, and to be honest, it doesnt matter…If people would simply stick to building 7 and stop all the BS, we would all be doing a better job…Rivero only makes it worse by even acknowledging the no plane theory…building 7 is no brainer, but webmasters fighitng over the no plane, or plane theory are not good for getting out the truth….STICK TO BUILDING 7!!!!!

    1. Sorry, I use the no-planes theory as a litmus test of sorts, to understand whom I’m dealing with. Rivero has no credibility for me due to his dogged insistence that a passenger plane hit the Pentagon. He still posts some good articles. One must use discrimination, right?

      Glad you are open-minded, though, hweinhard.

      I care less about whether there were planes or not (although I saw the video nose-out footage, and that was ridiculous). People either understand physics or they don’t. Based on the video footage, I supposed that bombs could have been planted up in the high floors (like they were on the low floors) and the video manipulated for mass consumption. Eyewitnesses are the worst kind of evidence; they can be manipulated. But the speed of the planes/missiles/whatever flying toward the buildings is impossible at that altitude, and no one, not even JR, whom I normally find extremely credible and intelligent, can change my mind. Sorry.

      That said, I’m less interested in the details of the attack then that people understand that it was Israel who attacked us (with key help from some US insiders). If I’m kicked off this site for saying that, then I guess I’ve got better places to go.


    2. I personally know people who SAW planes hit the buildings. My brother watched the plane wreckage hit the ground.

      Granted, it wasn’t the 767’s we were told that hit the buildings, but the buildings were most definitely hit by planes, and there are plenty of witnesses. Look at the LIVE reporting from when the event was unfolding, for starters.

      1. I would LITERALLY bet my life on the fact that NO PLANES hit those towers. I choose to accept the immutability of the laws of physics over ANY human beings’ visual interpretations of any given event.

        One of the shortcomings (imo) of the patriot/truther movement is the underestimation of the level of technology attained in certain fields.

        btw, JR, the ONLY photo I’ve EVER seen of ANY ‘plane’ wreckage was one of an engine. And miracle of miracles… it was in one piece… intact. Pretty amazing for something that not only allegedly smashed into the side of a building hundreds of feet up, but also plummeted to the ground to land… in ONE piece!
        I’m certain that the witnesses who ‘claimed’ that it was driven up in a white van and dropped off there were ALL liars.

        Call me crazy, couldn’t care less. Been called FAR worse. On this I stand firm. NO PLANES HIT THE TWIN TOWERS.

        1. We already covered this No-Plane theory… The Laws of Physics would have to be re-written (and proven) to support a flimsy aluminum plane’s fuselage penetrating steel reinforced concrete, at both the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. You don’t need a Physics 101 college course to comprehend this… just some common sense.

          I also realize that Mike Rivero wants us to stop speculating about the “No Planes” theory; however, until he or anyone else can show how a plane can do these impossible feats, we cannot avoid the evident facts, in which the No Planes theory is supported by 100’s of independent scientists, metallurgists, and structural/architectural engineers. There was not/could not be any planes used to crash into any buildings on 911. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!

          PLEASE revisit this posting from last month:

      2. I don’t believe anyone who says “my brother was there” and things like that. Sorry. I see that too much. EVERYONE’S brother was there…somehow…

      3. “I personally know people who SAW planes hit the buildings. My brother watched the plane wreckage hit the ground.”

        JR — I must totally agree with Big Dan (above):

        “I don’t believe anyone who says ‘my brother was there’ and things like that. Sorry.”

        What everyone within eyesight of ground zero saw, was a 7-D holographic projection.

        Furthermore, it has already been proven that a 757 cannot fly at that speed (>450 MPH) and that low altitude (<2000FT) without its wings being ripping off.

        BTW: None of the wreckage can be confirmed without the "indestructible" on-board black box recorders, which were "allegedly" never found. This is another indicator that planes weren’t used in these building demolitions.

        Please think about these facts, JR.

        1. Here’s a nice summary of the no-planes theory, for beginners, taken from the second edition of “Planes without Passengers” by Dean T. Hartwell. The following points represent what I consider to be the best of his evidence in favor of the no-planes argument:

          1) In November of 2003, investigator Gerard Holmgren, now deceased, announced that the Bureau of Transportation Statistics did not list flights 11 and 77 as flying on September 11, 2001. Oopsie! The BTS maintained that stance until retroactively changing it in 2004.

          2) Even more damning: The two planes that were officially listed as flying that day – flights 175 & 93 – were detected by their message signals (according to pilots for 9/11 truth) AFTER they had supposedly crashed. The message system is called “ACARS, for Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System.” ACARS records put flight #175 hundreds of miles west of the WTC (in Pennsylvania) at the time of the alleged crash, 9:03am. The last ACARS communication for flight 175 was received at 9:23am over Pittsurgh, PA. Similarly, ACARS records put flight 93 over Champaign, Illinois, at 10:10am. Flight #93 was alleged to have crashed in Pennsylvania between 10:03-10:10am.

          3) There was no evidence proffered of any of the putative planes at any of the crash sites, despite the myriad of individually numbered (for easy id after a crash) plane parts.

          4) Similarly, no evidence was provided of any of the remains of any of the putative plane passengers at any of the crash sites. All we have is the gov’t word – no independent verification. And there was a decided lack of proper “chain of custody” for the evidence brought forth.

          5) Phone calls to relatives either not possible (no cell phone coverage at putative altitude, no airphones on at least one of the planes) or nonsensical (‘Mom? This is Mark Bingham…’ etc.). Witness reports of receipt of passenger calls contradicted by available phone records (e.g., Ted Olson’s report of wife Barbara’s calls).

          6) No passenger manifests or airport security video were produced to confirm that even one of the alleged hijackers was on any of the relevant flights that morning. All we have to support the idea of hijackers are the phony phone calls.

          7) Not one pilot of any of the “hijacked” planes took the few seconds to punch in a “hijacked” alarm signal code as they decidedly would done had they been hijacked. In one case, the cockpit had not even been breached (according to the official story), so the pilots certainly had time to punch in the code.

          8) Video fakery (that ‘nose-out’ frame is especially damning). Here’s a link to some short videos posted on JF’s site:

          9) Simple physics – what would happen to real (non-virtual) airplanes hitting a steel building? They would be crushed on the outside of the building. End of story.

          10) More basic physics – the planes (or missiles) could not have flown at the putative speed (500mph) at that altitude. Not physically possible! (If I recall, the max speed at that altitude of the WTC “impacts” was 360mph for those models of planes.)

          What happened to the passengers? Not sure, but Hartwell has some good guesses. Anyway, as Sherlock Holmes “said” : “…when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”. It’s not up to him or me or anyone else to pin down every detail – it’s enough to demolish the official story.

          1. “10) More basic physics – the planes (or missiles) could not have flown at the putative speed (500mph) at that altitude. Not physically possible! (If I recall, the max speed at that altitude of the WTC “impacts” was 360mph for those models of planes.)”

            Actually, Dot, a missile is the only thing that could fly at those speeds and altitude. This is why a missile has short wings and tail fins, and the nose is filled with depleted uranium… so its concentrated mass has the ability to penetrate steel reinforced concrete: energy = mass x velocity squared [E = mc2]. This is how those “narrow” round holes were penetrated through three steel reinforced, inner-ring walls of the Pentagon. Carefully placed charges had to be used on the exterior perimeter of the Twin Towers. How else could the penetrating outline of the plane’s wings and fuselage appear etched in the side of the building (like a Bugs Bunny cartoon)?

            “6) No passenger manifests or airport security video were produced to confirm that even one of the alleged hijackers was on any of the relevant flights that morning. All we have to support the idea of hijackers are the phony phone calls.”

            I also find it strange that none of the “alleged” dead passengers appearing on the plane manifests are listed in the Social Security Death Index (SSDI), just like the SSDI omissions for the kids “allegedly” killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

            Thank you for the excellent research statistics, Dot. You would think by now, after making the same statements over and over that I would have several paragraphs (like yours) ready to copy paste into the comments section. It was easier to just maintain a bookmark from previous FTTWR postings (I’m getting lazy).

            BTW: I didn’t forget that you have also mentioned before about the “nose out” frame (a slam-dunk for sure).

            And, that Sherlock Holmes quote regarding the search for the truth by first eliminating the impossible… it’s one of my favorites. 😉

          2. Hi Inretrospect,
            Thanks for your comments. Feel free to copy and paste my remarks. I added your excellent point about the SSDI, and removed “missiles” (good point) from the section on altitude. Of course you are right – that is what hit the Pentagon!

  6. I enjoy the info we share here on FTT…My favorite website!! I feel at home here, even if we disagree on a few miniscule things…we all are on the same page overall…I love you all…:-)

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