Knife Attack Rampage at Chinese Train Station Appears to be Another Staged Hoax

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An incredibly bizarre story has emerged from China.  According to various media reports a slashing rampage has allegedly left 29 people killed and over 100 wounded at a train station located in Southern China.  Several individuals wearing masks and wielding knives were allegedly responsible for the attacks.  Police were said to have shot and killed 4 of the attackers increasing the death toll to 33.  Based upon the information that has been released so far, this whole event appears to be a staged hoax.  

First off, if you have a situation where there are 33 people dead and over 100 people wounded one would think that there would be a treasure trove of pictures and video showing the carnage.  After all, we live in an age where all sorts of people carry cell phones capable of capturing pictures and video. Amazingly, there is very little in the media showing anything of the sort.  The few images that have circulated on social media showing victims of the alleged attack are of poor quality.  It is hard to say if we are looking at real dead bodies or training dummies that are part of some drill.  There has also been no video footage released of the actual attack.  Since this attack took place in a train station, multiple security cameras should have captured what happened especially considering that there were up to 10 attackers.   Instead of giving the public hard evidence that this event happened as they said, we get lots of high quality pictures showing militarized police roaming around along with photos showing trash and bags thrown about.  None of these photos prove a damn thing.

Secondly, the Chinese government has immediately called the incident an attack of terrorism and blamed it on Xinjiang separatist groups.  Xinjiang is an oil rich Chinese region bordering Afghanistan that is home to a large Muslim Uighur minority who are upset with how the government has treated them.  What would this group have to gain by sending people to a train station located  hundreds of miles away to kill and wound innocent people?  It makes no sense that they would do something like this.  It does however make sense for the Chinese government to stage an event like this as a pretext to crackdown on a separatist group causing them trouble.  This appears to be the most likely explanation for what happened, especially if the Chinese refuse to release video footage proving that the event happened as they say it did.

Third, the number 33 is featured significantly in many of these highly questionable events.  Take for example the alleged Virginia Tech shooting massacre that took place back in 2007.  The number of people said to have died in that incident was 33.  Another example is the recent suicide bombing attacks in Volgograd Russia which was said to have also resulted in a death toll of 33.

Anytime the number 33 is featured prominently in a media driven event, questions should immediately be raised about the official story.  The reason being is because it is ridiculous to believe that the number 33 would coincidentally be featured in so many high profile news stories.  This knife attack incident is of course no exception considering that exactly 33 people were allegedly killed.

Fourth, we know next to nothing about the alleged attackers or the victims.  In fact almost everything we know about this incident is coming directly from China’s state run media.  Major news organizations around the world are simply parroting whatever the Chinese media is saying.

The bottom line is that this event appears to be manufactured or staged in some capacity.  There’s no reason to believe the official story especially considering the Chinese government’s ulterior motives to crackdown on dissenters in an oil rich region of their country.

4 thoughts on “Knife Attack Rampage at Chinese Train Station Appears to be Another Staged Hoax

  1. were they trying to ban knives too?

    with that kind of pattern coincidentally emerging from around the world, i’m guessing they’re all more or less on the same team in order for a world government to be successful.

  2. “Third, the number 33 is featured significantly in many of these highly questionable events.”


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