La. Sinkhole Volcanic Seismic Activity Noted

Before It’s News – by Susan Duclos

Very quick recap for those that haven’t heard about the ever-growing sinking hole in Louisisana, which was caught on camera literally swallowing massive trees as it continued to grow, well over the size of 20 football fields, and is still expanding.

As noted in September 2013 news reports and still showing on  24 hour readings from uploaded on 12/18/13, there is considerable seismic activity being noted in association with this sinkhole and others found in the Gulf of Mexico mud volcano’s.  

The three videos below, in order are, a reminder of the unbelievable sight of this massive sinkhole swallowing trees in LA from August 2013, the one showing the mud volcanoes which at the end shows what the endangered residents of Bayou Corne, LA are talking about doing about the loss of their land and homes, and the last video is the one uploaded on 12/18/13 of the present seismic activity still being seen.

One thought on “La. Sinkhole Volcanic Seismic Activity Noted

  1. Steve and I were working down there when this all started. I feel sorry for these people. They are great people down there. I never have agreed with them storing chemicals in these salt domes, just like the disaster at Lake pigneur, well they drilled into the salt dome and it collapsed. Jefferson Island has a great video on this at their Mansion, when you take the tour of the mansion and the grounds. They won’t learn until they destroy everything and then they won’t be able to fix it.

    I pray for my Cajun brothers and sisters that have been displaced! But Cajuns are extremely strong people!!

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