LAPD finds cop’s missing shotgun; man arrested

Police One – by Ryan Parker, LA Times

LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles police found a shotgun that fell off an officer’s motorcycle and on Friday arrested the man accused of taking it from the area.

Takee Williams, 43, was arrested for grand theft after officers were able to track down the shotgun a few miles from where it came off the officer’s bike, according to a news release from the Los Angeles Police Department.  

The shotgun was lost about 1 p.m. Thursday when, due to a faulty lock, it was dropped in the area of South Vermont Avenue and West Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Police closed down the area Thursday while they searched for the loaded gun.

During the search for the gun, an LAPD officer was severely hurt when he was bitten by a police K-9 and had to undergo surgery, police said.

Williams was held in lieu of $35,000 bail, police said.

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One thought on “LAPD finds cop’s missing shotgun; man arrested

  1. So how the F is a duty shotgun “grand theft”? Was it gold plated?
    Also the person with the gun gets in trouble because a cop was bitten by a k-9 cop while looking for a gun THEY lost? wtf?
    How come the cop who failed to properly lock the gun isnt in trouble for unsafe firearms stowage?
    How come the locks manufacturer isnt responsible?

    should have popped a cop with it and then tossed it out on a deserted route.

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