Lawyers for Ron Paul make HUGE announcement! We are Uniting to Change the World with President Paul!

The Daily Paul – by Real Paulitics   The lawyers for Ron Paul have announced they are taking over the Ron Paul campaign and they will challenge every single voter fraud claim this Whole election.

Romney rigged this election, & they claim they have proof.


The delegates will all be UNBOUND!

We are NOT letting this Tyrannical takeover Happen!!

This announcement happened at 10 pm Thursday.

The lawyers are offering support to EVERY DELEGATE TO ENSURE THEIR RIGHT TO VOTE THEIR CONSCIENCE! no matter what candidate they support, we will help them vote for their true choice.

This audio clip is the most important clip of this WHOLE Campaign.

43 thoughts on “Lawyers for Ron Paul make HUGE announcement! We are Uniting to Change the World with President Paul!

    1. “anything passed as law in obvious violation of the US Constitution is not law, but void. Void as a legal term means the alleged “law” has zero legal force; that “void things are as no things.” ”

      The United States Constitution:

      There is an army of lawyers on the ready?

      Start a process of purging a system rife with viruses. Wipe the drive and completely re-install the constitutional operating system, instead of trying to patch a broken machine which is set up to keep the virus going.

      By the proper and legitimate use of legal means, and in accordance with the intent of the basis of Constitutionally dictated Government in the United States, it must be possible to throw out Obama today, as well as a majority of the members of Congress, the Senate, the Electoral College and possibly judges and other government appendices.

      In every case where unconstitutional (illegal) law was enforced, if it can be proven to be void in the eyes of the Constitution, then the enforcement was not legal and should be remedied. Those in prison for Federal offenses which are not in accord should be released as well.

      Fact is, there is so much that would change if the fundamental Constitution were actually applied, that most of the problems today, including the private Federal Reserve Banking System (void), would be locked away in the pages of history books.

      THAT would be a useful direction to go towards.

      Re-install the whole system, from version 1.0 of the Constitution, which is an excellent document.

      By the way, the United States is a Democratic Republic, NOT a Democracy— even our educational systems are corrupt to the bone and need to be re-installed.

      1. Yep to all. And Odumbo is not the president of these
        United States of America – he was allowed to
        campaign based on fraud. Therefore, all laws
        and orders he has “dreamed-up” do not have to
        be obeyed but disregarded. Imprison or send
        him packing.

  1. I would love to believe this but Dr. Paul has sat by and not even called a spade a spade throughout this whole debacle. People need to stop putting faith in the government, as both parties are complicit in this fiasco of vote rigging. The issue here is that the US government has become so corrupt and arrogant that they stopped doing their elected jobs and are acting in their interests, and not those who they supposedly represent. The judges are bribed or intimidated to fall in line, and most do. Look, we have proved that the vote was rigged, many times in many elections and people either don’t care, or are to unintellingent to get that their vote does not matter. They make noise and things stay the same, and they cannot figure it out. People spend their time infighting about who is better when they are all the same. You can call me a liar, and attack my ideas but the truth is still the truth, and the truth is that aside from a real revolution where people physically remove these traitors , nothing will change. Now some Americans can accept this and are waiting to go, others are waiting for more people to accept the truth, and most are to distracted with meaningless pursuits of items they don’t need. It is time to once again shrug off the chains and unite against our common enemies. They are the ones constantly telling to trust them, that everything is ok and you can relax and enjoy your slavery. Wake up……..

    1. It is ot in Dr. Paul nature to accuse, If you think about it, “unsubstantiated claims and accusations” has been the establishment’s modus operandi for decades. Look where it brought us.

      Don’t accuse unless there is proof in hand.

      I remember one of Dr. Paul’s votes was a “NO” to sanction Israel for “Operation Cast Iron”. That weirded some out. But Dr Paul does not believe in sanctions, against any nation, period. He considers them an act of war and a “market manipulation” (why are oil prices high despite the glut – well because sanctions are used to devalue the dollar and make it appear that there is a supply bottleneck).

      Dr Paul has suggested that it there seems to be some monkey business. Given the fact the establishment and media love that crap and would rather have a debate about “he said she said”, than the issues, Dr. Paul has handled himself pretty good and kept the issues, despite the headwinds, as much as he could, at the fore front of any discussions.

      The lawyers, if this story has legs, need to be well connected, ready to work 150 hr weeks and bust their collective butts for the next couple of months.

      It will be tricky. The GOP, Inc., is embedded in the courts and has a lot of finances behind it and as we all no, now that money is speech, there will be a lot of wrenches thrown into the process.

      Paul has some high stake backers. How many of those backers, and to what extent they would be willing to “shake” the establishment that controls the framework they work the question.

      But the story, is uplifting. It would be great if it has legs and those lawyers can

      Let’s see what happens.

  2. As a 20 year supporter for Ron Paul and after what we have been through this week, I am having a hard time not believing that this is just another ruse to get more money out of us suckers. had proof in 2008 as well. Why didn’t Ron do something about it then?
    And where does this leave the treacherous son Rand? Perhaps in a cage up on the roof of Romney’s car while they are driving to the convention?

    1. In 2008 Ron Paul had no chance.
      His lawyers, perhaps believe he has one.
      We should remain extremely skeptical, but engaged.

  3. I sent this to Ron this morning. Was I wrong?. Please God, let me eat my words.

    Dear Ron,

    I would like to take just a moment of your time to communicate my sadness and remorse at recent revelations coming out of your organization. The news that your aim all along was to “affect the GOP platform” versus truly trying to become the GOP nominee for President in 2012 has destroyed the last vestige of faith I have had in the American political process. The rumor that Rand has endorsed Mitt so as to ensure him being able to speak and your being able to take your delegates to Tampa, has also been disheartening, as it makes perfect sense given the circumstances.

    Now, today, I receive an email asking for my support and contribution for the “Audit the Fed” effort. This is the crowning blow as it contains your admission that you won’t be in Congress past your current term (or at least strongly implies it) and requests more money to achieve no good result.

    Ron, I want you to know that you are the only political figure of any party or affiliation that I ever believed in or made contributions to. I have spent hundreds of my family’s hard earned dollars, to support the campaign you ostensibly were running for President. I even to this day have Ron Paul signs in my yard. Well sir, it is with extreme sadness that I am taking them down. Instead of the champion of the return of our nation to Constitutional principles of limited government, you have turned out to be another manipulative, dishonest politician. Has the specter of actually fighting the establishment cronies to take back our country become too burdensome?

    No Ron, I won’t contribute. It is with a heavy heart that I realize that there is no way back from the precipice. Short of an economic collapse, there will be no escape from the fiendish triumvirate (banks, government, corporations) currently in control of the country I loved and fought for. You once seemed to be the standard bearer behind whom the true American patriots could rally. Now it is obvious, there is no longer any other alternative than to let it burn.

    Please stop attempting to slow the death spiral our leadership (you included) has allowed to overcome our government. The people of the country will not take action until there is no recourse and exposing the Fed any further isn’t going to cause that to happen. The corrupt leadership will continue to bait the public with lies and handouts until there is no more wealth with which to do so. Only the devastation of the currency, elimination of any vestige of personal liberty and removal of due process will prompt the public to act.

    If you truly are the patriot that you have tried to lead us to believe you are, let it burn now. Spare my children and grandchildren the life of toil and servitude the corrupt politicians and bankers have envisioned for them. I would rather confront the system of greed and corruption and give my life if necessary, so as to allow my children the chance to rebuild a system of government that will prevent the current pillage and illusion of representative government. Perpetuation of any part of the current corrupted system is a disgrace to all Americans.

    Unless you have a rabbit in your hat, you have let us all down. Your country needed you and you quit! Ron Paul Revolution, bah! If you show up in Tampa, I will be the one burning my “Veterans for Ron Paul” T-shirt.

    Very sincerely,

    1. I think I agree with you however I am willing to be wrong, but not fooled again. Depressed for a week. Got to get on with my life.

  4. I hope this is correct, and that you will fight hard for Ron Paul to be our next President. I have already donated $100, and my son has also donated $100 to the Ron Paul’s campaign. If he does not follow through with this entire process, I will NEVER donate to another candidate again, because I have to make sacrifices in order to do this.

  5. I sure hope these lawyers have taken this on Pro Bono! I for one and many others will not waste another dollar on Ron Paul. The entire charade seems to be a bit part in the GREAT DECEPTION! Use Paul to energize the masses, make them think they really do have choices. However, about a month ago I heard a BBC “newsman” call Mutley, “President-elect Romney.” I do not think that was an accident entirely. Just the reporters accidently spilling the beans early.

    1. rhumstruck,
      Pro Bono?; right…. IMHO, this is the latest attempt to milk RP supporters for their last dime. The RP revolution fooled me once, in 2008, but I wasn’t fooled twice. Sorry to feel this way, because I’ve met RP, and he comes across as an honest, sincere, nice guy. Love his anti-empire, local control ideas, but have come to the conclusion he’s a well planned diversion.

  6. Let’s not forget that the government, which Ron Paul is part of is scared of a real revolution. They present a pseudo revolution, aka Ron Paul and when they stage the vote rigging which is proven to happen the lawyers go nuts threatening to sue. This keeps those who aren’t paying attention enough to recognize the scam glued to the drama, as the establishments choice steals the vote. In the mean time you suckers keep giving them money, and simultaneously prevent any real change because they control your time with a false idea. Ron Paul could have challenged the fraud in 08, but chose to remain quiet as always. They are all in this together and the government is playing you all for fools. The truth is apparent to those who CHOOSE to look. The rest of you enjoy being used and actually funding your own slavery..

  7. I voted for this guy in 88 when he ran for president as a Libertarian! I was literally filling out a money order for several hundred dollars for the 2008 campaign when I heard he quit and walked off with $12 million in campaign donations contributed by hard working Americans who trusted this POS!
    He has close to 5 dozen relatives working for his congressional office and campaign,including Jesse Benton his grandson in law.
    All Ron Paul did was run interference for Romney!
    The 2 parties are ongoing criminal enterprises. Ron and Rand(who live together in DC) are republicans not Americans! They are party people!
    Wake up! The enemy is inside the gates! Ron and Rand are not going to save you! They are just lining their pockets!
    P.S. It’s mighty arrogant of Ron and Rand that they thought a majority of you people would swallow this vomit!

  8. Thank you Ron Paul for getting this REVOLUTION on the road. It is up to us, We The People to make it happen. I still have faith in you Sir to do the right thing for liberty, for freedom, for America! Too bad about Rand’s endorsement of the next liar-in-chief-wana-be but life goes on. The REVOLUTION goes on. God Bless America and again, thank you Ron Paul for renewing our desire to be hard working patriotic Americans! WE WILL NOT BE DEFEATED! WE WILL PREVAIL! RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT – 2012 – RESTORE AMERICA NOW!

  9. I remember back in March reading somewhere that Ron Paul did have a team of people with credibility working behind the scenes because he new there was going to be fraud. Im not sure if these lawyers were part of it but it looks like they were.

  10. Why blame Ron? It is Rand that endorsed the devil child Mitt. Doubt you were ever a supporter in the first place jo. Another paid for shill? Get this through your head please, WE ARE THE REVOLUTION! WE WILL PREVAIL!

    1. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, you have to be willing to give it your all. ( or, all will be lost )
      So much is riding on this, too much for a lot of people to comprehend.
      EDUCATE AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE, EVERY DAY, AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT (every single American needs to wake up……… Before it’s too late)

      1. If we ever hope to have a meaningful democracy in the USA again…we need to circumvent the voting fraud that computers make easy. One way to do that is for all Americans to stand up and demand a “non-secret-ballot” OPTION! That is because nearly all the election day vote fraud is only possible because we have this “secret-ballot” concept in place nation-wide. The secret option is OK in an honest society but today’s situation is far from honest. I’d bet that most Ron Paul supporters would take the risk of being targeted by “the bad guys” and make their vote public knowledge. Even if he doesn’t get the Republican nomination we can still ask him to run as an independent!? If he will agree, we will have to demand a “non-secret-ballot” OPTION. Its optional so no one would be obligated to use it, but those of us that know his votes are given to other candidates WOULD US IT and then the fraudsters would have a much harder time committing their crimes! Thanks, and please spread this around. Rollee Rolstone, 63 YO American “synergy design consultant” with Energy-Synergy Intra-Global, Asia

        1. The United States is a Republic, not a socialist democracy. Our founding fathers warned us of the dangers of democracy and advised us to avoid it as much as possible. This is why we have a representative electoral system and in reality this is what is being destroyed. The elite would love to have America be a democracy as it is a million times harder to track down voter fraud when there are 100 million people involved than when there are only a thousand involved.
          Do not call my country a democracy again as I take offense. We are a Republic, absolute.

  11. Wake up, people! Regardless of what Rand Paul did makes no difference. The message is clear regardless of what you think. We need to take it to the RNC! Make it clear that we will not give up in our fight for freedom and to be heard. We can’t wait another 4 years. With everything that is going on, (WWIII coming soon, Fukushima coming soon, Economic collapse coming soon) by the time 2016 comes we won’t have a country let alone ANY rights to do anything. The FUTURE is NOW!!! It’s time we take action and take back our liberties and RESTORE AMERICA NOW!!! This is America’s last straw. Don’t let it go to waste. You can destroy the man, but you can never destroy the IDEA!!! Remember the IDEA and MESSAGE are bulletproof.

    1. BS. The US courts are as rigged as the elections are. Now we will all be asked to contribute to a legal fund. No thanks. I will never again vote for anyone on the Republican or Democratic party which are just two wings of the same bird of prey. Nor will I bother to vote if they use electronic machines.
      Organized crime runs this country and the criminals have convinced a good many of us that the only thing that will right this rotten ship, is another 1776.

    1. What in the world are you talking about? If you are referring to the math question, it filters the spam and we assume that everyone typing on a computer has a calculator at hand.

  12. This is FANTASTIC NEWS!!! Whether or not we can get Dr. Paul in the ballot as a Republican or an Independent candidate…..the One and Only sure way to nullify the devious “voter frauds” that is rampant in the USA since “W’s” first fraud-based election…..would be for citizens to RIGHT NOW get serious about demanding a “non-secret-ballot” option on the upcoming election day!!! Those demons use the “secret ballot” to hide behind and thus do their dirty work! If all of Dr. Ron Paul’s supporters have the ability to vote non-secret ballots…..the fraudsters can’t mess with his vote tally….and the “truth will out”!!! Rollee Rolstone, “synergy design consultant”…get this message out please!!!

  13. I understand the frustration but the rnc is just around the corner and we should support Dr Paul till then. Dont donate if you dont want to but at least quit bashing the man for the time being. Im sticking it out for now.

  14. I commend the lawyers for taking this up. Yes, they are working pro-bono so donation dollars will not be used. There is a very detailed video on asking for detailed info and videos from anyone who witnessed any fraud at the elections. I am glad they are doing this but doubt that the corrupt RNC will change. I think the courts will throw the case back to the RNC.
    I am eternally grateful for Dr Paul and his son and whole family for fighting as hard as they have. Can you imagine what it has been like for him for 30 years in congress? He has taken a lot of abuse and not backed down. It is our job to pick up the torch, light new torches and carry on from here. Dr Paul did his best and is still ontinuing to work. He needs his team with him, behind him and even ahead of him. Let us not fail him, our country, ourselves, and our children. Liberty!!

  15. At this point, this movement is up to us. Ron Paul has said over and over again that this is not about him. Stay involved. If we don’t do it who will? I just returned from my state convention and we were successful in getting many liberty-minded people elected to local positions. Again, it’s going to take all of us staying involved and recruiting more like us.

  16. We need to unify our efforts more to have greater success. I’m concerned that there are so many groups supporting Ron Paul and the liberty movement (Campaign for Liberty, Ron Paul Meetups, Young Americans for LIberty, on and on), but we’re not pulling together. It’s like herding cats. People seem to think if we organize better that we aren’t “grassroots”. Not so, we can be grassroots and still organized. There are 100’s of 1,000’s of supporters of Ron Paul and the cause of Liberty, but we’re diluted through our seperation and ignored by the Media because of that seperation. If we unify our efforts we’ll be much more effective. America’s Independence was a grassroots effort, but all 13 colonies had to pull together to unify their interests and efforts in order to win our freedom from England. These shattered attempts we are making are commendable, but will take much longer and dilute the intentions. The groups (like states) can still keep their names (C4L can stay C4L like NJ can stay NJ) and still be unified (Team Liberty like United States of America). Keep your identies with your group but unify efforts and resources under one “uniform” of Liberty. The Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marines are all part of our Armed Forces and have their own name and wear their own uniform, but in times of war they all work toegether. We need to unify in our battle. Now how do we make it happen?


    Make sure WE THE PEOPLE CAN WATCH, RECORD, AND COUNT THE VOTES IN PUBLIC without any lame party excuses about being counted in secret in a backroom somewhere due to security reasons or some other lame ass excuses they can come with.

    THAT is the issue that the LAWYERS have to FIX here. You can get unlimited voters but the votes won’t matter unless they are counted correctly. That is what we must deal with! Screw the Unbound crap. MAKE SURE THE VOTES ARE COUNTED CORRECTLY, DAMMIT!!! WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!







  19. Rand promised to keep endorse the republican nominee in his campaign, he’s kept his word. He can use this political capital to support his legislation that many of us would like to see: …. I have reservations about giving the Paul campaign money because of 08. However I’d prefer to see a legislator building bridges rather than standing alone on an island of principle. I am curious as to how this suit will play out and it is pro bono. We wouldn’t have any delegates at nationals if people at the state level weren’t willing to work alongside traditional republicans.

    1. I frankly don’t give a damn what treason Rand Paul promised to commit in order to be elected. Rand also spoke out against Bilderberg and now he is supporting Romney who went to Bilderberg and is the Bilderberg candidate.
      The Republican Party is corrupt to its core. To assert that the “thing to do” is get into the corruption in order to reform the corruption is bullshit. There is no degree of treason that is acceptable to a patriot and Rand Paul can go right straight to neo-con hell, and you can go with him if this is how you think.

  20. This I see as a test for all Americans who want Ron Paul to succeed, either you have the balls to stand up and fight for what’s right, or remain “bend over” like slaves, and have the criminal establishment force their will down your throat.
    The time is now to make that decision……

  21. Don’t get disgusted and leave the movement altogether. That’s selfish and we can’t afford it. Reject Ron and Rand if you think you should but don’t reject the Liberty Movement and your fellow Americans who are in it. We need you. I would add that if you take Ron Paul’s record over the whole of his career, on average, the level of integrity is high above the level of his peers. Be careful about believing things you can’t substantiate. Deciding the RP was nothing more than a diversion is quite a stretch for me. It’s a bit convoluted to be an effective strategy IMO.

  22. I never thought I’d see the day that I was grateful for lawyers!

    Thank you to all the lawyers who have taken up the cause of fighting the unbeatable foe, and righting the unrightable wrongs, so we can all dream the impossible dream and reach the unreachable star: an honest, intelligent and trustworthy President of the United States. I’ve always seen Ron Paul as the incarnation of Don Quixote – Lord of LaMancha! And we are each his follower Sancho…

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