Leaked Docs: US Grabbed Medvedev’s Phone Calls at G20 in 2009


According to new details leaked to The Guardian (UK) by NSA leaker Edward Snowden, American and British intelligence directed snooping efforts against internet and phone data from foreign officials at the G20 in 2009.

According to the documents, which were created by the NSA and handed over to the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s phone calls were bugged, and emails and calls from other delegates’ phones were monitored as well. 

Fake internet cafes were created to grab keystrokes from attendees. Forty-five analysts were given round-the-clock updates on who was calling whom at the summit. The Turkish finance ministers and others in his party were targeted as well.

According to the papers, the British GCHQ (the equivalent of the American NSA) wanted “to ensure that intelligence relevant to HMG’s desired outcomes for its presidency of the G20 reaches customers at the right time and in a form which allows them to make full use of it.” The documents mention information being handed to “ministers.”


2 thoughts on “Leaked Docs: US Grabbed Medvedev’s Phone Calls at G20 in 2009

  1. Growing up as a young boy in ’60s Britain I remember the Cold War hysteria whipped up mostly by America…Hollywood films; TV public announcements about getting under the school desk quickly if we see a blinding light; the wartime air-raid sirens being sounded…and here we are today, with the US government kidnapping people around the world and putting them in black holes, using torture, false flags, endless wars and spying on everybody.

    The US does everything they accused the Russians of, except they’re fascists

  2. this one is right on, my job was given to a sworn enemy

    Why Shouldn’t I Work At The NSA? (Good Will Hunting)
    Submitted by Alliance With None

    life imitating art 3 years prior to the shrub conspiracy or we’re they “massaging” us

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