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‘Lee Harvey’ Paddock…Another ‘Lone Gunman’ LIE Worst ‘Suicide’ Set-Up Of A Patsy Ever? – by Jeff Rense

Paddock’s arms are both DOWN at his sides but the ‘suicide’ gun is perfectly placed about 3′ above his head.

Four casings in the blood

Ok, lets take a look at the one on the left…

Look closely and you will see there are smudges of RED on the TOP side of the casing

Here is a closer look. Why does the casing have red on the top side? Blood slowing flowng over the carpeting AROUND the casing would not
crawl up the sides and leave smudges on the top side. In fact, this casing looks like it was picked up and dropped into the middle of the blood pudding

Look closely and you will see how the congealing blood has been pushed out of the way by the casing that appears to have been dropped
into the blood area along with its siblings. There are ‘ridges’ at each end of the casing, suggesting the displacement of block when the casing was dropped into it.

Now, let’s look at the two castings to the right, which are on the ‘dry’ area of carpeting. They seem to be almost PERFECTLY
placed next to each other…not the normal ‘random’ pattern of casings being extremely rapidly ejected from an automatic weapon.

Perfect placement…

This photo and the others below it are said to have been ‘leaked’…obviously by someone in the Las Vegas Police Department.  Why would a crime scene police officer risk his career and release crime scene photos?  The answer is that it was intentional and sanctioned by ‘higher-ups’ because it permits the viewing public to close the loop on the ‘lone gunman’, Stephen Paddock.   It permits them to begin to put this horror to sleep because it is BAD FOR BUSINESS and Las Vegas does NOT like  things that are bad for business.   People like ‘closure’…they need closure.   Patsy Paddock is dead, case closed, end of story.  Right?  Wrong.

There is a whole itinerary of reasons why this is not an open and shut case of a lone gunman lunatic madman.   In all likelihood, it was a highly-planned and sophisticated massacre carried out by the CIA, ISIS and radical Islam…with some assistance, you betcha, from the Mossad.

Yesterday, authorities said there were ’11’ guns in the Paddock suite.  Today, the number has often been quoted as having grown to ’27 guns’, mostly ‘rifles’.   Handguns would be useless from 390 yards to the targeted concert goers, so why bring any at all…unless it is for visual effect?  The ‘sniper rifle’ contention is equally as lame because how can a bolt action rifle put out any meaningful amount of lead in 5-10 minutes of shooting…with a scope…at night…at moving targets?  So, scratch that idea.

It is suggested that between 3,000 and 4,000 rounds were fired on the innocent below the Mandalay Bay hotel at the concert…nearly 400 YARDS from the Paddock suite on the 32nd floor.   Ok, so where are all the thousands of rounds worth of fired brass bullet casings?  The synthetic carpet should be covered with them.  Are we to think, perhaps,  that ‘Lee Harvey’ Paddock did the vast majority of his sensationally accurate long distance shooting from the adjoining room where the second broken out window is located?  We have no ‘leaked’ pictures of that for you, sorry.

Having been the News Director and Anchorman at the ABC TV station in Las Vegas for nearly 3 years, I got to know a lot of key people in the city and the gaming industry.   I have pretty good idea of how the city works and how it thinks and how it protects ‘business’ at all costs.

The word I am getting from highly-placed sources now is that every major Strip hotel already has hidden ‘backscatter’ type X-Ray scanners hidden behind the decor at the main hotel entrances.   Personnel watching monitors constantly can see the change in a man’s pocket of lipstick in a woman’s purse as they enter and leave the hotels of Las Vegas.  This was a big secret until one of the major hotel owners let the cat out of the bag a year or two ago.  Even most employee entrances and exits are scanned and monitored.  Security is VERY tight.

So, the real big question here seems to be how could ‘Lee Harvey’ Paddock have smuggled in ’27’ (latest figure used) pieces of deadly steel and thousands of rounds of ammo and clips and drum magazines into a first-class major hotel?  The answer is it can’t be done…without inside help.

Now, let’s remember that ISIS almost immediately claimed credit for this most heinous, terrorist genocide of white Christian Americans.  Furthermore, ISIS released a video in 2016 warning of a terror attack on Las Vegas and San Francisco that few remember.

Yes, the ATF records allegedly show that Paddock bought 33 guns, mostly rifles, since September 2016.  Why?  And why didn’t anyone who knew him ever learn of his mega firearms fetish?  What compelled him to purchase so many guns?   Or, did he really buy that many?  In this digital age, records CAN easily be created and augmented.

So, what happened to Stephen Paddock?  Did he really, super stealthily, become enamored with Islam and convert some months ago as ISIS claims he did?  If he did, no friends or family knew about it.  Odd, to say the least.

In any case, and I don’t have 20 hours to summarize the known and still-breaking data on this nightmare, what if Paddock was knowingly or otherwise (think MK Ultra and Monarch) part of what was obviously a very sophisticated operation involving a lot of people…and need I even say it? Multiple killers.

And what if he was THE designated patsy from the very beginning…just like Lee Harvey Oswald?  That would argue that just before the shooting began, Paddock could have been executed and the scene made to look like a suicide by placing guns all over the suite and stage-placing the execution hand gun several feet above his head for a nice photo op.

Then the Islamic radical shooters knocked out the windows on cue, fired off hundreds of rounds with assault rifles on full-auto while the other ISIS shooters mowed down hundreds more concertgoers from the 4th and 5th floors far below.  Probably at least two of them with machine guns…like US M60s with a drum magazine.   Look it up.

Finally, as the terror operation called for, the shooters in the Paddock suite packed up and threw some spent casings around the head of the suicided patsy and left.  And one of those casings landed with a splat…right in the pool of blood you’ve seen in the photos above.

Here’s how the ISIS buthcers made their getaway.  My sources say that there are around 120 muslims who are employed at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and thousands more in the other Vegas hotels.   Did you know that?  They are working there every day and every night and they know most every routine and all the ins and outs that makes the hotels run.  Dedicated Islamists, fanatical muslims, people who HATE white America and want it dead.  Most people have no idea about the thousands of muslims living and working in Las Vegas.   How many of the approximate 120 muslims who work in the Mandalay are devout or radicalized Islamists?   10%?  20%? Maybe 30%…or MORE?  The point is, there is simply NO PROBLEM for these muslim employees to sneak in and bring out their own terrorist brothers.

These are just a few things to keep in mind, there are hundreds and hundreds more.   I don’t claim to have all the answers but I do have a hell of a lot of questions…


Where Are The 1,000s Of Rounds Of Paddock’s Brass Casings?

Photo From The Daily Mail

The shooter’s broken-out window is behind the curtain on the top right.  The carpet should be COVERED with brass shell casings.
There are none to be seen.  Paddock’s body is on the lower right and again no casings except the couple dozen placed around
the top of his head as seen in the other photos of that part of the crime scene.    There was NO broken window to shoot out of
where his body is laying and especially in the area where his head is.  That is even more proof someone placed the shell casings
around his head (along with the ‘suicide’ pistol) for a staged photo op.

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11 Responses to ‘Lee Harvey’ Paddock…Another ‘Lone Gunman’ LIE Worst ‘Suicide’ Set-Up Of A Patsy Ever?

  1. Darzak says:

    I am at a loss to explain this writer’s continued accusations that the conspirators were “ISIS”, “Islamic Extremists”, “radicalized Islamists”, “ISIS buthcers”(sic), “Dedicated Islamists” and “fanatical muslims”. That is a LOT of expressions to sway the reader’s thoughts to implicate a certain perspective, when as yet, we have seen NO EVIDENCE that this was an Islamist operation. A few good points were made, such as the lack of hundreds or thousands of empty casings (and I would add: empty mags, empty ammo boxes/crates/cans), as well as (I thought) too much emphasis on the casings in the blood, but I am either prepared to call shenanigans on this writer, or just chastise him for pushing the Muslim link.

    • tc says:

      Jeff Rense is a clown who couldn’t conspiracy his way out of a wet paper bag with a Katana blade and a pair of scissors.
      People like Rense and Alex Jones know that ISIS is code for CIA/MOSSAD, but the regular folk are supposed to equate it to mean “Muslim terrorists.”
      If there really were any Muslim terrorists out there, they wouldn’t bother pulling off an act like this, then doctor up the scene and use fake blood. They’d shoot and scoot.
      Rense and Jones are controlled so they can’t tell the truth. Instead, they can only scream “ISIS.”

    • mike says:

      Well, ISIS did claim responsibility and they typically have only historically claimed responsibility when they were involved. Look it up, facts man.

  2. Informed says:

    None of it makes any sense . Someone was shooting out that window so where are the castings? Also, where is a table full of clips? He had to have had somewhere to hold all the clips he used and where are the empty clips?

    • Enemy of the State says:

      Clips hold hair, Magazines hold cartridges

      Yes, it matters.
      it matters just as much as someone calling an AR15 an assault rifle

      if it aint what it is, dont call it something else

  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    That actually looks like real blood, for a change.

    That, or they’ve finally come up with a decent fake ‘substitute’.

  4. Martist says:

    Can anyone tell me about an ACTUAL isis attack in the US? Most, if not all of them in Europe are either hoax or mossad so how can he honestly push the Muslim bogeyman canard?

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