Lexington Green Rally Permit Pulled – Alternate Site Being Arranged

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Lexington Board of Selectmen wave victory flag for marathon attacker

On April 16th the Lexington board of selectmen called an “emergency meeting” to discuss permit suspension for The Muster On The Battle Green. The permit was revoked under the guise of public safety. Video content can be viewed here.  

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The “emergency meeting” assembled at 6:00PM but turned out to be a smoke and mirror show. The Lexington Patch reported that the permits have been revoked at 3:22PM April 16th. That is 2 hours and 38 minutes before it got voted on.

As the organizer of this rally, I have jumped through hoops to make this rally a success. From the very beginning, I have received large amounts of resistance. Attacks from the uneducated, the religious, and cowards have all flown in my direction VIA hate emails, threats, news publications, and sheep begging me to reconsider the event.

The Town of Lexington first tried to derail the rally by voting on constitutional rights. The town failed and we got the permit. The BoS voted 4-1 to allow the rally. The one tyrant who voted against American freedoms was Hank Manz.

Cancellation of this event was in the making from day one. Lexington did not even cash my checks since this was the plan.

With the town in an uproar over my acquisition of the permit, Detective Lieutenant Michael A. McLean sent this email to all police departments seeking advice on how “deal” with us.

“A Second Amendment Group call Guns Across America Massachusetts is holding a rally on the Battle Green in Lexington Center on April 19th. This rally has raised a lot of attention on both pro and anti gun groups and we expect a decent turn out from both. Although the organizer and his group have stated their supporters will not be carrying that day, we have heard of a couple splinter groups that have stated they will be showing up with firearms. I was hoping someone might be able to help us with a couple of issues. First, is there any law that would prohibit a Class A LTC holder from carrying a loaded large capacity rifle in a public place? Second, there is an exemption under 140 s. 129 C regarding carrying of rifles by non-residents which allows a non resident to carry a rifle or shotgun within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as long as they can carry the rifle or shotgun in the state which they reside. Not sure of the context with the second one. Department is getting a lot of questions from the selectman and other officials. We know the gun group is going to be well versed in what they can do so we want to make sure we are on solid ground before dealing with any of them. Any help would be appreciated.

Michael A. McLean
Detective Lieutenant
Lexington Police Department

Contact the Lexington BoS and let them know you demand they grow a spine and stop soiling the name of Lexington, They should stand their ground and not buckle like cowards in the face of terrorism. Tell them that waiving false flags is a disgrace not only to the Town of Lexington, But to the entire country.

Selectmen’s Office

Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

General Information Line: 781-862-0500 X208

FAX: 781-863-9468


Board of Selectmen

Deborah N. Mauger, Chairman X208


Peter C.J. Kelley
Norman P. Cohen
Hank Manz
Joseph N. Pato

Town Counsel

William L. Lahey, Anderson & Kreiger

Executive Clerk

Lynne A. Pease X208

Assistant to the Executive Clerk

Diana Chabot X208

We will be gathering on the Battle Green to direct attendees to the new location for this rally. We will be combining forces with the Oath Keepers Rally in West Springfield. For those interested, an Oath Ceremony will be conducted at the Green before we part ways. Here is a link for the rally we will be joining forces with. The West Springfield rally now starts at 2:00PM


I apologize for any inconvenience the Tyrants of Lexington have caused you.

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