Libya, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and World War III

It seems that Libya has jumped out of the mainstream propaganda almost as fast as it jumped in.  The reports we have seen are bringing forth the fact that the Al Qaeda rebels committed gross atrocities and mass murder as a part of their insurgency.  Tens of thousands of Libyan citizens have been executed while our Air Force held back the Libyan Army.  There is talk of Muammar Gaddafi’s last remaining son surrendering to be tried as a war criminal.

The hypocrisy has become blatant.  We supposedly instituted a no-fly zone to stop the Libyan Army from killing innocent civilians.  But what occurred in reality was an American led genocide against the Libyan people who represented a majority that supported their government.  Of course there will be no charges of war crimes against the Al Qaeda insurgents and their NATO allies.

If you look at a country’s state of being in reference to revolution, logic dictates that a majority of the people across the board have become oppressed to the point of revolt.  This is not what occurred in Libya.  A small minority of Al Qaeda, organized by our CIA and the Israeli Mossad, conducted a military coup facilitated by NATO bombings, which literally reduced the Libyan cities to rubble, and all in the name of so called democracy.

I do not agree with the concept of democracy, however calling what happened in Libya a democratic revolution is a farce on its face as democracy presumes majority rule.  And as previously mentioned, the rule of the majority in Libya was crushed through the NATO airstrikes.  Now this Al Qaeda minority will rule Libya under Sharia law, which in no way can be construed as democratic and the majority will suffer under UN sanctioned apartheid.

You know what, it worked so well the industrial war complex is now pushing for actions against Syria designed to lead to actions against Iran and apparently Pakistan.  It looks like the shuffling of the Middle East to procure a united Islamic front as our opponent in a third world war is shaping up according to plan.

We have to get Dr. Ron Paul into office if we are going to derail the plans of the international elite to bring the world into chaos in order that that peoples of the world will accept their new world order as a solution to the problems they have created.  And of course our enslavement under international communism will become a fait accompli.

We must stand united if we are to stop the international elitists and their program of destruction.  We must not allow them to bloody our hands any further for the cause of our own enslavement.

God bless and protect Dr Ron Paul.

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  1. Corporate Globalists Are Looking for Green Pastures in Africa to Plunder.
    A simple Google search with “Obama war crimes”; “Sarkozy war crimes”; or “NATO war crimes” will show how widespread the charges against Obama; Sarkozy; and NATO.

    Horrific atrocities were executed in Libya with direct military and political support and directions from Obama and his NATO mercenaries which included: Sarkozy; Cameron; and Al-Thani (of Qatar). These persons and states must be brought to national and international justice and pay for their horrendous crimes.

    Crimes are crimes no matter who committed them. The World did not see evidences in photos or videos of the alleged crimes of Gaddafi despite all the propaganda of the ICC; but the media is full of very horrible evidences of the crimes of Obama and his NATO, Sarkozy, Cameron, and the Libyan Islamist rebels for those who care to see.

    Gaddafi tried for a very long time to establish direct democracy in Libya and he campaigned for it worldwide. He fearlessly exposed the crimes of Western liberal democracy and the international mafia of globalists and their secret societies. These were the crimes of Gaddafi and that is why they decided to remove his regime and kill him to stop him from making any further damages and any further progresses.

    The thieves and criminals who are bankrupting the West and its people are looking for green pastures in Africa; and to stop Asians from taking over the economic lead in the World.

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