Propagandists Aggressively Attack Ron Paul After Iowa Win

When Ron Paul finished his speech on Saturday in Iowa at the RNC over half of the thousand attending walked out when Dr. Paul left the stage.  Dr. Paul won the Iowa Straw Poll with 82% of the vote for Iowans and 26% of vote for non-Iowans participating.  And the Communist News Network seemed to be the only one reporting on this fact.

The neo-cons, who are a small minority in this country and who are trying to portray themselves through their wealth as not only the Republic Party, but the grass roots Tea Party movement, attempted to nullify Dr. Paul’s win before it was even announced.  The neo-con publication, The Des Moines Register published a poll that came out right after the Iowa Straw Poll results, showing Cain winning with 23%, Romney with 22%, and Dr. Paul with 12%.

This poll was published in a blatant attempt to confuse the public in reference to the will of the Iowa voters and anyone who watched the reports on CNN knows this statement to be true.  FOX News deliberately abstained from reporting on Dr. Paul’s stunning victory and reported only the newspaper poll.

It is supposed to be an FCC rule that those broadcasting news operate for the public good.  The deliberate attempt to hide Paul’s victory in Iowa is a deliberate attempt to influence the elections through duplicity.  These actions cannot be construed as “for the public good” in any way.  And the fact that CNN and FOX are working in concert to make sure that Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, or Herman Cain is the Republican candidate, proves that the left-right paradigm is a false assertion that has been used for a hundred years to derail the will of we the people.

I will tell you how this newspaper conducted its poll.  They called registered Republicans and asked them multiple choice questions like, “If you had to vote today, would you vote for Herman Cain or Mitt Romney?”  If the pollee said I want to vote for Ron Paul their answer is removed from the survey as it breaks from the formula of the survey.  They will then ask another segment of Republican voters, “Would you vote for Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann?” again excluding anyone who says Ron Paul.  They will then ask another segment, “Would you vote for Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman, Newt Gingrich, or Ron Paul?”

Even using this fixed polling scam, they cannot knock Ron Paul out of the highest level because they cannot exclude him from the poll.  And no matter who he comes up against, he is going to take 80% of their numbers.

It should be made clear that at this point in the ball game; both the neo-cons and social communists have become united in their assertion that any candidate is preferred over Ron Paul, because the election of Dr. Ron Paul spells the end of their reign of terror over the people of the United States.

I think this latest straw poll with Ron Paul getting 82% of the vote has froze the elite like a deer standing in the headlights.  Their reaction in trying to use the newspaper poll to disparage the results of the straw poll was a desperate act.  And the fact that half of the audience walked out with Dr. Paul shows the contempt the people have for the propagandists who are trying to nullify their vote.

I have been saying it all along.  Ron Paul cannot lose this election as the overwhelming majority of the American people of the American race know that Ron Paul and a return to our Republic under our Constitution is the only course that makes logical sense.

In the past we prospered under our Constitution until insurgents within placed injunctions on our power as citizens granted through our Constitution.  We know that all we have to do is crush the insurgency and reinstate our Constitution and prosperity will return as a natural course as a part of our freedoms and liberties.

And when we have our country back we must punish every traitor and put forth new safeguards to make sure they never infiltrate the government of the people again.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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