Linda Has Quick, Secure, Off-Body Carry with Lirisy CCW Bag

Published on May 9, 2019

Although Linda Hasselberg has been around guns her entire life, she just recently got her concealed carry license. The small business owner in Texas Hills, Texas, said she wants to be prepared for a potentially dangerous situation. “I carry because I want to make sure that everyone around me is safe,” she said.

Hasselberg’s carry gun is a Kimber Micro 9, which she prefers because it’s easy to rack the slide. That aspect was important to her due to an issue in her hands. “I not only wanted to make sure my gun was easy to shoot but that as I got older, I would still be able to carry and use it,” she said.

When Hasselberg carries, she said she doesn’t want people to know, especially when they’re visiting her store. So, for now, she’s using a Lirisy conceal carry belt pouch. “Nobody knows my gun is in it and no one is going to ever be able to get it off of me,” she said. “A big plus, I also have a place to carry my cell phone. It’s easy to get into and my gun is always ready to grab.”

One thought on “Linda Has Quick, Secure, Off-Body Carry with Lirisy CCW Bag

  1. Good to see a lady NOT packing her gun in her purse for a change !

    most Gals have a few more body carry options than guys , its best to keep it on you rather than in something that could be taken from you or accidentally left somewhere
    My Daughter is 4 months away from her Concealed Carry Classes , I know she will do her daddy proud when she has to go for her show of skills and safety knowledge part of the classes

    still working on my sisters , 1 of them is close to getting it done ..the other two probably never, unfortunately …so the more of us all out there packin’ the safer this country is going to get

    I never leave home with out it , and even sometimes in the house becomes a part of you as I have been CC-ing since 2001-( and a few times even before that , when they didnt “allow it”)

    just remember what the word “Licensing” means

    Licensing is ..When Government takes away your Rights ..and than sells them back to you ( with conditions of course )

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