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  1. So are they saying this is the COVID vaccine having been given?

    I did not think it was being distributed yet per official MSM propaganda arms

    1. It was the flu vax, and I’ve seen what it can do. Saw a friend get severe flu, day after vax. Fever, shivers, pale, couldn’t eat, very low energy. Lasted two weeks. She’s in her late 60’s. Lost a lot of weight. Nothing I could do since she’s totally medicalized, believes what they say, and worships at that alter. Sad and frustrating.


  2. Staring down the barrel of a government(s) around the worlds genocide program
    Wake up people
    Planned to kill off as many of us as possible
    But you won’t see the ones pulling the strings getting murdered ,like we the people
    This Covid is a distraction to what they have planned
    And what they have planned is your death

  3. The elderly (aged 65 and over) receive a quadrivalent flu shot. This is an obvious genocide of the elderly. I have mentioned this several times here and have been warning the elderly in my town not to take the flu shot. One man here in town, 82 years old, told me he gets one every year because ‘it works’ for him 🙁


    Remember Dr. Redfield of the CDC back in the Spring was urging people to get the flu shot to avoid a ‘twindemic’ this Fall
    People: IT IS THE FLU SHOT


    1. As Dr. Judy Mikovits has stated ‘it is the flu shot that fans the pandemics’
      When I went to the county Health Department here to inquire about the PCR ‘test’ last Friday I tried to impress upon the nurse I spoke with about the dangers of the flu shot. She of course shut down and wouldn’t hear me.

      1. “As Dr. Judy Mikovits has stated ‘it is the flu shot that fans the pandemics’”

        Would this be able to be tracked?
        Like I know people that are all about getting the flu shot every year
        Maybe keeping a close eye on them to see how sick they get or if they are one of the soon to be dead?

  4. Every person I know that tested pos for the vid also had got a flu shot. Only one of them thinks the vid test is bs and says she will never get another flu shot. Time will tell.

  5. Remember those black plastic coffins stacked up by the 1000s at a railway station, now you know what they are for.

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