Lobbyist: Use Drones to Kill Americans on U.S. Soil

Published on Feb 25, 2013 by PrisonPlanetLive

Testifying against a bill that would put limits on the use of unmanned drones in Washington state, industry lobbyist Paul Applewhite shocked a House Committee hearing when he said that drones had been used for “indiscriminate killings,” while arguing that the technology should be approved for “lethal force” within the United States.

10 thoughts on “Lobbyist: Use Drones to Kill Americans on U.S. Soil

  1. What collection of idiots would invite a representative of an industry with a vested interest in making money to a hearing in which they are supposed to make an impartial decision? What don’t the understand about “Of the People, By the People and For the People”?

    Obviously, none of those parasites has one scintilla of respect for our Constitutional Republic nor Rule of Law.

    Then they think we should all fall down and worship them as our unerring leaders?

    LMAO. Who needs a government like that?

  2. LMAO, indeed.

    So, Paul Applewhite wants drones used in Amerikastan… I say yes, USE ’em
    on Paul Applewhite, first! I doubt if that’s his real name. Whatever the POS’s
    name is, he will be found and dealt with.

  3. My Fellow Americans:

    I’m all for Killer Drones!…. As long as they are ONLY used to kill the real terrorists in this country,.. like Ocrapo, Pelosi, Reid, The Supreme Court A**holes, The guy in the above video,.. his family, his dog,…. cops that violate the Constitution, any executive of Mosanto, etc, etc., but NEVER, Never against any real American citizen. (Once these people decided to commit treason,.. they also gave up their Right to protections under the US Constitution that they are trying so hard to destroy)

    These are the real “Domestic Terrorists” of this country.

    JD – US Marines – They actually have the right idea,.. we just need to make sure they use them on the right targets! The Traitors of Congress, Courts, Cops and the Banksters.

  4. BAHAHAAHA!!! The idiot Roger Goodman with the IRS looking glasses thinks that a person with Alzheimer’s walking down the street is a “THREAT”!!! Yes, a THREAT to someone’s individual liberty. A THREAT!

    Alzheimer’s a threat??? Are you kidding me??? My grandmother had alzheimer’s disease. The only threat I remember from her was her not remembering whether or not she closed the refrigerator door two seconds ago. So this justifies the use of a drone in the sky??

    WWWWHHHHATTT???!!!! Has the whole world gone nuts!!!??? Is this some sort of joke?? To even be discussing or bringing that up, is completely absurd and insane. We truly have the looniest, craziest government on Earth. Absolutely delusional!

    And that damn woman, Sherry Appleton, who looks like a Janet Napolitano look alike seems to think that we have a two party system and not a one party system. Our government is so far gone, I think the Joker from Batman has more sanity than they do these days.

  5. Yes, Paul. Let’s a have a drone fly over your town and not have to have the police document it on file. WTF??? What a sick, delusional asshole.

  6. As the scarecrow in Oz would say, ” If I only had a brain”. Yep, let’s assign a drone to monitor every citizen for their own safety. Just a little sarcasm from Millard.

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