Local businessman suing the City of Bryan over building dispute


BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) – A local businessman says the city of Bryan is trying to tear down his business. But the city says it’s more of a safety issue.

“Things have only gotten worse, not better,” said C.E. Hodde, owner of a motorcycle parts and accessories store in Bryan. 

“I’ve been riding motorcycles for 64 years,” he said.

Hodde’s building has been located on Texas Avenue near downtown for more than 40 years. In the last six months, Hodde says he hasn’t seen a customer.

“No one can get to anything or get inside,” he said. “Everything has to be fenced and enclosed.”

Last year Hodde was hit with an order from the city’s Building and Standards Commission. Inspectors said the building isn’t up to code, citing concerns about the buildings structural integrity and damages.

“I’ve either got to have an auction and sell everything and just give it up and quit or do the repairs to the building,” said Hodde.

Hodde says he tried to make the repairs and bring his building up to code by hiring a number of contractors. But he says the city denied each bid and wouldn’t grant him a permit to do the work.

“It’s very frustrating that they would not agree with anything,” he said.
Hodde says the city wants to demolish it, ending four decades in the Bryan business community.

“How can you fight these types of things when states and cities want to do this to you,” he said.

The next hearing on the matter is scheduled for July. The city can’t comment on the case because it is a legal matter, but a spokesperson told KBTX a lawsuit like the one Hodde filed is standard for the appeal process.


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